Florida Gun Laws

Florida gun laws cover a range of topics, including purchasing restrictions, concealed carry, and criminal offenses that involve firearms. Any person who owns or uses a gun in the State of Florida should be aware of these laws. Our Tampa criminal attorneys explain Florida gun laws. Florida Concealed Carry Laws Florida concealed carry laws are … Continued

What Is Florida’s Open Container Law?

Florida open container laws prohibit drivers and passengers from having open and available alcohol in their vehicles. Laws prohibiting open containers in Florida cover moving vehicles as well as vehicles that are parked onto or adjacent to any road. Open container laws vary slightly between states. All drivers need to understand what the law is … Continued

Florida Financial Responsibility Law

Florida’s financial responsibility law is a law that requires some categories of drivers to have extra car insurance. While all drivers have to have basic no-fault insurance, there are some drivers who have to have additional insurance to cover at-fault situations. If you get a DUI or if you’re in a serious accident, you might … Continued

Common Workers’ Compensation Myths

When it comes to workers’ compensation, there are a lot of myths out there. In fact, you may have swapped stories with coworkers and heard about some experiences with the workers’ compensation system. All workers benefit from knowing the truth about the workers’ compensation system. Here are some common workers’ compensation myths answered from our … Continued

Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Florida motorcycle accident statistics tell us a lot about motorcycle safety. Whether you’ve just been in an accident, you want to get a motorcycle for the first time, or you’re writing a research paper, motorcycle accident statistics are important. Our Tampa attorneys for motorcycle accidents discuss Florida motorcycle accident statistics. Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics Florida … Continued