When and How to File a Slip and Fall Case in Sarasota, FL

Slip and Fall Accident in Sarasota, Florida


Slip-and-fall accidents can leave you injured, out of work, and with medical bills that you can’t afford to pay. But if you have suffered a legitimate slip-and-fall accident, you may have a personal injury case on your hands that can get you the compensation that you need to cover loses or damages.

But what is it like filing a slip-and-fall case in Sarasota? What are the rules surrounding slip-and-fall injuries in the state of Florida? How do you know if you really have a case and what should you do if you’re ready to file?

We’re here to help answer those questions.


About Slip-and-Fall Accidents

A slip-and-fall accident is exactly what it sounds like – an instance where you slip and fall, resulting in an injury. To be a personal injury case, the slip and fall needs to take place on another person’s property, including commercial locations like stores or restaurants, and must be the result of another individual’s carelessness or negligence.

But a slip-and-fall accident doesn’t only include instances where you may slip and injure yourself. Slip-and-fall accidents may also include a trip-and-fall or step-and-fall. While a slip-and-fall would mean you slid in a liquid or other slippery object, trip-and-fall indicates an item or uneven item caused your fall and a step-and-fall accident says you stepped incorrectly, such as in a hole, and fell.

Not every slip, trip, or misstep will count as a personal injury case. In order for it to be a true slip-and-fall accident, Florida law says that it must be at the fault of another individual. Along with this, Florida premises liability law states that landlords and business owners must keep public areas reasonably safe.

Proving Your Slip-and-Fall Case

As with anytime you may go to court, you will need to prove that your side of the story is an accurate representation of what happened. With a personal injury case, such as a slip-and-fall accident, you need to show that the negligence of the landlord, business owner, or other individual caused you to injure yourself.

Florida requires that three things be proven in court for a slip-and-fall accident.

  • It was the duty of the property owner to show care for you and guarantee your safety
  • The property owner did not maintain the property to reasonable standards, or that they knew of the potential hazard and did not take necessary precautions to fix it, remove it, or prevent guests from going near
  • The negligence of the property owner caused you to be injured

To help your case in court, you may want to speak with witnesses who were around during the time of the injury or take pictures of the hazard. Having supporting evidence to your claim can prevent the battle from becoming a “he said, she said” argument.

The statute of limitations for a slip-and-fall accident in the state of Florida is four years starting from the date of injury. While you have this time to file a claim, the sooner you file after your accident the easier proving your case will be. That being said, sometimes consequences of an injury do not appear until months or years after the actual accident took place.


Why Should You File a Slip-and-Fall Case?

People have different reasons for filing a slip-and-fall case, but most often it is to receive financial compensation for injuries or damages. The injuries sustained from a slip-and-fall case can often be serious and cause lifelong issues that you will need consistent treatment or medication for.

Compensation for a slip-and-fall case can help you pay for your medical costs for treatment after the initial accident and for future treatments or rehabilitations as well. If you were out of work because of your injury, lost wages can be made up in your compensation. Additionally, if your injuries prevented you from returning to your job or compromised your earning potential, compensation received can help cover this.

If the slip-and-fall case was not your own fault, you should not be responsible for paying these costs out of pocket, whether or not you can afford them. Filing a slip-and-fall case will hold responsible parties responsible and restore your quality of life.

What Should You Do When You’re Ready to File?

If you believe you have a slip-and-fall case that you’re ready to file, contact a personal injury attorney in Sarasota, Florida today to get started. With the help of a slip and fall attorney, you can have a better understanding of the evidence you need, what kind of compensation you can receive, and some of the stress will be lifted from your shoulders.

Jack Bernstein is an expert personal injury attorney with over 36 years of experience. He will walk you through the filing process to ensure crucial steps are not missed. Contact Jack personally to have your case evaluated for free.

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