There are upwards of one million boats registered within the state of Florida, and with those staggering numbers, boat accidents are bound to happen. Very few accidents are as difficult as boating accidents when law enforcement and waterways officials begin investigating a crash. Evidence commonly sinks to the bottom following a crash in the water, even near the dock area, and many times the wreckage is never really found in its entirety.

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Some boating accidents are so serious because of the speed involved in the crash and extensive damage to the boat making it difficult to salvaged evidence with respect to damages and accident reconstruction. The fatality rate associated with boating accidents is extensive as well. The combination of these factors make it absolutely essential to retain an experienced and boat accident attorney like Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys to conduct an investigation on the behalf injured parties who understands how intricate these cases can become.

Here are some steps you need to take after a Boating Accident:

Call 911

Just as with any other accident, it is important for someone to contact the Florida Coast Guard immediately to let them know that an accident has occurred. Injured parties are often very seriously injured, sometimes fatally, and time can be a real issue for those who are hurt.

Depending on the circumstances, first responders could actually come from several public safety agencies, but the paramedics often are not there first. The problem with boating accidents is that many of them occur in remote locations and getting to the crash scene can be a real challenge. Often times the only individuals who can call are those who may have witnessed the accident or happened up on it after the fact. Regardless of the situation, someone should call emergency responders as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

Even when authorities and medical professionals cannot reach an accident, it is still important to seek medical attention for all of those involved directly after the accident happens. Internal injuries are very common as a result of boat crashes because they often occur when people are not wearing any kind of restraint device.
Superficial injuries should also be inspected and diagnosed by medical professionals, complete with as much testing as may be necessary. Some accidents are not as horrific as others, and those involved may not think they are injured to the point that medical attention is important. This is a mistake.

The amount of damages recoverable is tied directly to the results of all medical evaluations, even when injuries are minor. Some injuries can also have a way of recurring later in life, and insurance companies are also liable for ongoing medical care in many situations. Always go the doctor regardless of the extent of an injury and report everything.

Document the Accident

Personal injury and accident cases are built on documentation of evidence. Taking pictures of the accident scene is an excellent method of showing what could have transpired in the crash, including natural surroundings and narrowboat lanes. Boats are usually in the clear and stay a significant distance away from other traffic on the water, but even being in the wake of a larger boat can create a dangerous situation. It is always important to photograph anything that could make a difference in the case, and especially if it can make a case for negligence on the part of the other boat operator.

Pictures of injuries and the water conditions can matter too, especially when the official accident reconstruction specialists are determining a cause for the accident. Sometimes there are several factors involved, and there is no such thing as too much documentation.

Preserve the Evidence

All pictures of the scene and subsequent medical bills for treatment should all be kept in a secure place so they can be readily available when needed for adjudicating the accident. Comparative Negligence can matter in a boating accident just like any car accident case. Many times the negligence level is even more significant in a boat accident. It is easy to lose control of a boat in turbulent waterways at an increased rate of speed. And, evidence can be completely destroyed in a boat accident case, often being waterlogged or damaged beyond evaluation. This can be a very difficult task in the water and is potentially more vital than other accident cases.

Call a Boat Accident Attorney

Being properly compensated for damages and injuries suffered in a boating accident can be challenging, even when the injured party has no comparative negligence. It is always essential to have an experienced and aggressive boating accident attorney who understands the complicated nature of boat accidents that happen on the seas or around the Florida coastal area.

Insurance companies that may have multiple claims associated with a wreck will be very difficult to deal with in settlement negotiations, and having an attorney who is willing to take a case to litigation can matter greatly when gross negligence could possibly be proven before a sympathetic jury that can award punitive damages when intentional acts or gross negligence apply.

Anyone in the Tampa, Florida region who has been involved in a boating accident should call Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys as soon as possible at (813) 333-6666 and let him and his team of legal professionals conduct a full evaluation of your claim. Time is of the essence in a boating accident, as in any other type of personal injury claim, and your attorney needs to begin the investigation as soon as possible to produce the best final outcome.

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