Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements

Personal Injury Compensation Our Clients Received

The following is a sample of the results achieved through the contributions of Jack Bernstein*

Client’s InitialsAmount of Settlement/VerdictCase TypeInjury
E.L.$3,000,000Motor Vehicle AccidentDeath
D.O.$3,000,000Truck AccidentNeck Injuries
E.L.$3,000,000Auto Accident / ProductsDeath
R.O.$2,760,000Industrial Accident / Cement TruckBlindness
T.B.$2,250,000Medical MalpracticeParalysis
D.S.$2,225,000Auto AccidentDeath
S.K.$2,000,000Medical MalpracticeParalysis
A.Z.$2,000,000Medical MalpracticeBrain Injury
R.S.$1,750,000Slip and FallRSD / Burn Injury
K.S.$1,748,000Auto AccidentHead Injuries
O.C.$1,500,000Forklift AccidentLeg Injury
R.B.$1,500,000Maritime / AdmiraltyHead Injuries
M.J.$1,425,000Auto AccidentFoot Ankle Injury
E.L.$1,000,000Motor Vehicle AccidentWrongful Death
O.C.$1,000,000Forklift / Industrial AccidentLoss of Limb
H.C.$1,000,000Medical MalpracticeDeath
S.L.$962,000Nursing Home AbuseShoulder Injury
G.S.$780,000Motorcycle AccidentFoot Injury
S.L.$750,000Auto AccidentNeck Injury
T.W.$700,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
A.B.$685,000Premises LiabilityRSD Nerve Damage
R.M.$685,000Auto AccidentDeath
R.M.$650,000Premises/ProductsBack Injury
S.D.$650,000Auto AccidentAnkle Injury
C.S.$625,000Slip and FallNeck Injury
M.C.$600,000Motor Vehicle Accident
J.L.$600,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
S.N.$600,000Auto AccidentHead Injury
F.H.$575,000Auto AccidentLeg Injury
C.F.$560,000Auto AccidentBack Injury
J.D.V.$550,000Medical MalpracticeDeath
D.V.$550,000Medical MalpracticeDeath
A.A.$500,000Motor Vehicle Accident
L.W.$500,000Slip and FallHead Injury
M.B.$500,000Medical Malpractice
R.C.$500,000Medical MalpracticePermanent Physical Damage
A.A.$500,000Motor Vehicle AccidentHip Injury
R.V.$500,000Auto AccidentBack Injury
R.M.$470,000PedestrianHip, Back, Foot, and Shoulder
G.R.$450,000Drunk DriverNeck Injury
A.A.$400,000Car CollisionBack and Shoulder
A.S.$400,000Car CollisionTotal Body
G.O.$400,000Car CollisionTotal Body
D.C.$395,000Slip and FallFractured Leg
V.K.$385,000Motor Vehicle AccidentBack Injury
T.W.$375,000Auto AccidentHead Injury
C.G.$375,000Nursing Home AbuseBed Sores
V.S.$365,000Slip and FallNeck, Back, Shoulder Injury
J.J.$336,937Premises LiabilityKnee Injury
P.B.$325,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
M.K.$310,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Legs
K.R.$305,000Slip and FallAnkle Injury
D.L.$300,000Car CollisionNeck
D.F.$300,000Car CollisionNeck
C.F.$300,000Boating AccidentSpinal Injury
P.B.$300,000Auto AccidentNeck Injury
T.W.$300,000Auto AccidentKnee/Breast Injury
V.P.$300,000Auto AccidentExacerbation of Dementia
S.H.$300,000Premises LiabilityBum Injury
M.J.L.$285,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
D.K.$280,000Auto AccidentNeck Injury
D.K.$280,000Auto AccidentNeck Injury
R.C.$275,000Medical MalpracticeEye Injury
G.D.$275,000Premises LiabilityHip Injury
R.M.$265,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
C.W.$260,000Premises LiabilityKnee Injury
S.M.$250,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
R.K.$250,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
D.B.$250,000Premises LiabilityNeck Injury
T.P.$250,000Premises LiabilityNeck Injury
F.M.$250,000Motor Vehicle AccidentLeg Injury
S.L.$250,000Negligence / Sexual AssaultInappropriate Touching
J.D.$250,000Motor Vehicle AccidentBack Injury
A.M.$250,000Motor Vehicle AccidentBack Injury
A.F.$250,000Auto AccidentBack Injury
M.R.$240,000Sexual AbuseInappropriate Touching
D.H.$240,000Premises LiabilityAnkle Injury
N.P.$235,000Slip and FallNeck Injury
H.C.$234,867Medical MalpracticeDeath
R.B.$229,000Premises LiabilityKnee Injury
J.I.$225,000Slip and FallNeck Injury
S.G.$200,000Nursing Home NegligenceBed Sore
A.V.$200,000Motor Vehicle AccidentAnkle Injury
B.H.$200,000Hot Liquid SpillVaginal Burns
O.A.$200,000Car CollisionArm
G.W.$180,000Nail Through FootFoot
J.T.$175,000Slip and FallKnee Injury
C.H.$175,000Steps BrokeNeck and Back
N.G.$175,000Trip and FallNeck, Back, and Shoulder
S.K.$170,000Motor Vehicle AccidentBack Injury
H.M.$166,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Knee
p.h.-W.$160,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
A.S.$160,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
L.M.$155,000Slip and FallAnkle Fracture
K.B.$150,000Slip and FallHead Injury
D.A.$150,000Ankle Injury
T.B.$150,000Slip and FallNeck Injury
J.R.$150,000Motor Vehicle AccidentShoulder
S.S.$150,000Motor Vehicle AccidentAbdominal Injury
A.D.$150,000Car CollisionCollarbone
R.S.$130,000Nursing Home NegligenceBed Sore
R.H.$127,500Slip and FallKnee Injury
M.C.$125,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
C.H.$125,000Motorized ScooterHead, Shoulder, Knee, Leg, and Chest
M.B.$125,000Car CollisionKnee
M.R.$125,000Trip and FallShoulder
B.R.$122,500Slip and FallKnee Injury
J.D.$120,000Car CollisionBack
J.G.$114,189BicyclistLeft Ankle, Right Leg, and Right Knee
C.P.$110,000Car CollisionNeck
S.W.$100,000Slip and FallAnkle Injury
E.C.$100,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
A.M.$100,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
A.S.$100,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
M.L.$100,000Motor Vehicle AccidentNeck Injury
M.S.$100,000Motor Vehicle AccidentBack Injury
K.J.$100,000Car CollisionBack
A.R.$100,000Car CollisionBack
M.H.$100,000BicyclistNeck, Back, and Knee
A.L.$100,000Car CollisionNeck and Shoulder
R.B.$100,000BicyclistBack and Shoulder
B.F.$100,000Car CollisionBack
D.H.$100,000Car CollisionNeck
D.M.$100,000MotorcycleSevere Burns
E.M.$100,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
R.W.$100,000Car CollisionHead, Jaw, and Back
H.G.$94,500Car CollisionBack and Knee
B.W.$87,500Car CollisionLeg
V.N.$87,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
R.B.$85,000Slip and FallFractured Leg
A.H.$85,000Car CollisionNeck and Shoulder
N.R.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back
A.H.$83,000Sexual AssaultEmotional Distress
J.L.$83,000Broken ChairLower Back / Neck
P.A.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
R.K.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
R.K.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
C.M.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
S.K.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
D.S.$83,000Slip and FallShoulder
B.C.$83,000Slip and FallShoulder and Wrist
R.E.$83,000Car CollisionAnkle/Leg
J.R.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
L.B.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
S.D.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
L.J.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
T.K.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
L.T.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
D.M.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
E.C.$83,000Gate MalfunctionDeath
R.Y.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back/Shoulder
C.R.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
B.F.$83,000Car CollisionShoulder
O.H.$83,000Car CollisionWrist
M.A.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
A.D.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back /Neck
M.D.$83,000Trip and FallShoulder
M.L.$83,000Trip and FallWrist
H.B.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
G.B.$83,000Trip and FallLower Back / Neck
J.S.$83,000Slip and FallShoulder
J.H.$83,000Trip and FallKnee
O.C.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
E.J.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
D.B.$83,000Car CollisionCoroneal Injury
J.A.$83,000Trip and FallKnee
C.M.$83,000Trip and FallShoulder
C.B.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
J.M.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
W.A.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
M.R.$83,000Car CollisionBrain Injury
M.L.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
A.W.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
J.C.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
R.R.$83,000Neg. SecurityFacial Injuries
E.M.$83,000Car CollisionDeath
M.M.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
W.R.$83,000PedestrianLower Back
J.K.$83,000Car CollisionLower Backneck
N.S.$83,000Slip and FallShoulder
K.W.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
J.G.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
N.J.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
D.Y.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
C.S.$83,000Trip and FallLeg
C.T.$83,000Slip and FallHip
R.B.$83,000Car CollisionLeg/Ankle
J.P.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back/Ankle
M.G.$83,000Products LiabilityBurns
D.G.$83,000Slip and FallKnee/Shoulder
M.B.$83,000BicycleFacial Injuries
S.W.$83,000Trip and FallKnee
C.M.$83,000Car CollisionLeg, Pelvis, Back, Neck, and Ankle
J.A.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
G.R.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
D.L.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
N.H.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
S.Q.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back
C.P.$83,000Car CollisionKnee
M.L.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
G.T.$83,000Car CollisionKnee
R.P.$83,000Car CollisionShoulder
B.H.$83,000Car CollisionNeck / Lower Back
D.K.$83,000Slip and FallShoulder / Ankle
M.A.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
L.C.$83,000Trip and FallKnee
A.B.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
S.M.$83,000Dog AttackLeg
J.R.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
L.R.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
T.B.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
B.F.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
S.S.$83,000Car CollisionFoot / Ankle
J.S.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
K.J.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
F.O.$83,000Slip and FallKnee
K.E.$83,000Slip and FallElbow
L.M.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
A.D.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
C.T.$83,000Trip and FallLower Back / Neck
M.R.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
I.S.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
A.B.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
J.S.$83,000Neg.SupervisionSkull Injury
U.G.$83,000Car CollisionHead Injury
F.D.$83,000Slip and FallWrist
A.G.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back / Neck
P.G.$83,000Slip and FallAnkle
S.S.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
B.S.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back / Neck
G.B.$83,000Trip and FallWrist / Neck
K.G.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back
E.J.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
A.C.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
C.S.$83,000Slip and FallLeg/Knee
M.I.$83,000Neg. SupervisionAnkle
K.R.$83,000Car CollisionLower Back
P.D.$83,000Sexual AssaultEmotional Distress
N.P.$83,000Neg. SupervisionArm
R.N.$83,000Slip and FallLower Back
C.R.$83,000Neg. SecurityButtocks / Leg / Gun Shot Wounds
M.O.$83,000Car CollisionNeck/Head
C.A.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
D.C.$83,000Slip and FallKnee/Back
PR.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
J.P.$83,000Car CollisionNeck
D.M.$80,000Slip and FallKnee Injury
R.B.$80,000Car CollisionBack, Shoulder, Chest, and Abdominal
K.K.$80,000Trip and FallNeck, Back, and Shoulder
R.G.$77,500Car CollisionNeck and Back
R.S.$75,000Slip and FallHead Injury
F.B.$75,000Slip and FallNeck Injury
M.B.$75,000Motor ScooterNeck and Back
F.T.$65,000Car CollisionNeck
J.B.$65,000Car CollisionNeck
W.A.$65,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Shoulder
A.T.$65,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
M.T.$65,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
E.B.$65,000Car CollisionNeck, Collarbone, and Wrist
J.A.$65,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
J.W.$64,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Hip
C.R.$63,500Car CollisionLeg
G.S.$63,500Car CollisionLeg
L.H.$60,000Car CollisionNeck
M.M.$60,000Car CollisionHead, Shoulder, and Back
E.K.$60,000Car CollisionNeck and Shoulder
A.J.$60,000Negligent HiringNeck, Back, Arm, and Leg
R.M.$60,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
Q.T.$58,333Car CollisionNeck and Back
T.T.$58,333Car CollisionNeck and Back
J.D.$55,000Slip and FallHead and Back
N.T.$50,000Slip and FallKnee Injury
K.C.$50,000Medical MalpracticeHeating Pad Left Inside Body
J.A.$50,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
J.A.$50,000PedestrianNeck and Face
H.R.$50,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, Teeth, and Jaw
L.K.$50,000Slip and FallNeck, Back, Shoulder, and Teeth
R.W.$50,000Car CollisionBack
T.S.$50,000Car CollisionChest, Abdominal, and Neck
M.E.$50,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Left Leg
L.T.$50,000Slip and FallFoot, Ankle, and Knee
J.L.$50,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Hand
B.T.$50,000Car CollisionNeck and Back
P.P.$50,000Slip and FallArm and Hamstring
B.E.$50,000Car CollisionNeck, Back, and Shoulder
T.H.$50,000Slip and FallNeck, Back, and Shoulder

*Jack Bernstein has worked on the above cases during his career at this firm or another firm.

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