Cruise ship slip and falls can be serious accidents. Even though you expect to enjoy your cruise vacation, you may end up the victim of a slip and fall accident. Cruise ship slip and falls are significant life events for the victims and their families. The injuries that you sustain may change your life in the months and years to come.

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Attorneys for Cruise Ship Slip and Falls

Our attorneys for cruise ship slip and falls can help you if you’re the victim of a slip and fall accident. You may qualify to receive monetary compensation for your accident. But it’s up to you to pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Our attorneys have experience helping clients with slip and fall cases. We can help with any complex circumstance, including cases that involve cruise ships. If you’ve been hurt in a cruise ship slip and fall, call our skilled Tampa cruise ship accident attorneys today to discuss your options.

Can I Sue a Cruise Line?

Yes, you can sue a cruise line. The cruise line is a legal entity. As a legal entity, it has the capacity to sue and be sued. Because the nature of a cruise involves a lot of different places, you should pay special attention to where you file your cruise line lawsuit. In addition, it’s important to be aware of the timeline that may apply to submit your case before the deadline.

Cruise Ship Injury

A cruise ship injury may occur in any of the following ways:

  • Water from the pool or hot tub spilled on the floor
  • Spilled drinks that cause slip and fall accidents
  • A slippery staircase
  • Poorly maintained carpeting and flooring
  • Luggage left in the hallways and walkways
  • Passenger crowding and jostling
  • Equipment and service items left where passengers can trip
  • Failing to design the ship in a way that accounts for choppy waters
  • Failing to warn passengers about uneven surfaces or ship designs that may be different than what passengers are used to on land

Whatever the way a cruise ship injury occurs, it may be the basis for a lawsuit if it happens because of the negligence of the cruise ship company.

Fall on a Cruise Ship

A fall on a cruise ship may qualify the victim for financial compensation. The cruise ship has a duty to keep passengers safe. As a business, they have high standards to keep the ship safe for passengers. The same duty that applies on board the vessel also applies to waiting areas where passengers wait on land in while they embark and disembark. A fall on a cruise ship is a traumatic event which may allow the victim to recover financial compensation.

What Happens If You Get Hurt on a Cruise Ship

What happens if you get hurt on a cruise ship is that the cruise ship representatives should create an accident report. You should ensure that representatives from the company complete an accident report. There is no automatic process to receive compensation after a cruise ship accident. Instead, it up to you to bring a legal claim for compensation. What happens if you get hurt on a cruise ship is that you may deserve financial compensation, but you must take action to receive the compensation that you deserve.

In the aftermath of a cruise ship accident, you should take care to document the treatment that you receive. You should gather records that show the impact that the accident has on your life like lost work, travel to medical appointments, and any other way that your life changes because of the accident. Getting the right result means having careful documentation of all of your losses from the cruise ship accident.

Who Has Jurisdiction on a Cruise Ship?

If the cruise ship is owned by a company in the United States, the United States has jurisdiction over the cruise ship. In addition, there may be other laws and even terms of agreement that allow you to bring a legal claim in the United States.

Jurisdiction on a cruise ship depends on the ownership of the company, the agreement in place with passengers, and applicable laws. If you are a traveler from the United States, there’s a good chance that the United States has jurisdiction over the claim.

Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Jurisdiction

Cruise ship slip and fall jurisdiction is an important question for anyone who is injured on a cruise. To win your case, you have to file your case in a court with the authority to hear the case. Because many cruise ships operate out of and pass through Florida, the State of Florida is often the appropriate place to bring your claim. Your attorney for cruise ship slip and fall accidents can help you file your case in the appropriate court.

Fell on a Cruise Ship / Suing a Cruise Line

Winning a case against a cruise line most often depends on showing that the cruise line was negligent. In other words, you have to show that they could have done more to prevent the accident. The cruise ship isn’t liable for every accident that occurs.

Instead, they’re liable to victims when the cruise line should have done more to prevent the accident. With that said, as a business, the standard for when the cruise ship should have done more is very high. If you fell on a cruise ship, there’s a good chance that you may deserve financial compensation.

Cruise Ship Compensation Claims

Cruise ship compensation claims may include the financial and non-economic losses that result from the accident. Any way that you have out of pocket expenses or even ways that you fail to earn money can be included in your claim.

An experienced attorney can help you appropriately document your losses. You may resolve your claim through negotiations, or your case may proceed to trial. Your attorney has experience in building your claim and working to resolve it in an efficient manner.

Florida Attorneys for Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accidents

Our Florida attorneys for cruise ship slip and fall accidents help victims of accidents get justice. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, don’t wait any longer to get fair compensation. We invite you to talk to our team about how you can recover what you deserve after an accident on a cruise ship. Call us today.

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