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The Tampa premises liability attorneys at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys offer legal representation for all kinds of premises liability cases in the greater Tampa area. When you’re hurt because of a premises liability accident, you may deserve financial compensation, and we’ve helped thousands of people just like you. Our Tampa premises liability attorneys will fight to recover damages and see that justice is served.

Our Tampa Premises Liability Lawyers Are Here to Help

Our Tampa premises liability lawyers are skilled attorneys with experience handling premises liability lawsuits for thousands of satisfied customers. With more than three decades of experience, our founder, Jack Bernstein, has built a legal team that offers unrivaled skill and devotion to each and every client.

We know how vital your premises liability claim is to you. It’s that important to us, too. Our Tampa premises liability attorneys are here to make sure that you get the results that you deserve.

Keys to Premises

Types of Premises Liability Lawsuit Cases We Handle:

Here are just some of the premises liability lawsuit cases that we handle:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falling objects
  • Broken steps, stairways and handrails
  • Poorly maintained walkways and sidewalks
  • Dog bites
  • Other dangerous animals
  • Elevator and escalator malfunctions
  • Toxic substances and chemical exposures
  • Negligent security that leads to crimes like assault and battery
  • Building code violations
  • Other types of premises liability

What Is a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

Slip & Fall Premises Liability

A premises liability lawsuit is a legal claim for compensation based on dangerous conditions that exist on a property. Usually, the claim is against the owner or the manager of the property. You claim that they allowed a dangerous condition to be present on the property and state that the dangerous condition was unreasonable. Then, you document your losses. A premises liability lawsuit is a legal claim for compensation based on the failure of the property owner to provide safe conditions on the property.

What Sets Our Premises Liability Attorneys Apart

While you have your choice among Tampa premises liability attorneys, our legal team has always gone above and beyond for our clients. Here are just some of the reasons that make our premises liability case services stand out from the rest:

  • A fully trained legal team of more than 40 people including attorneys, paralegals and support staff that are all dedicated to serving you
  • Our leader, Jack Berstein, personally oversees your case
  • Communication by phone, email and even text to meet your needs
  • Aggressive legal services; relying on decades of experience to pursue your case to the fullest extent of the law
  • Compassionate representation; case management that includes protecting your personal information and providing confidentiality for sensitive information and documents
  • Transparent communication so that you understand what’s happening in the case; availability to answer questions
  • Enthusiastic representation designed to optimize your results and resolve your case quickly

At Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, we do things differently. We know that the legal system can be daunting. You need aggressive lawyers who fight for the compensation you deserve. We also understand you need kind advocates who answer your questions and help you navigate the legal process.

Our Tampa premises liability attorneys offer comprehensive services designed to maximize your results in the legal system. You need results, and you need the legal system to work for you. That’s what we do best.

What Is My Premises Liability Case Worth?

Your premises liability case is worth the total of your financial losses and your pain and suffering. The value of your premises liability lawsuit is unique to you. It depends on your actual losses and damages.

Under Florida law, you have the right to your economic and non-economic losses. You begin by adding up all of the ways that you have financial losses because of the accident. Medical bills are usually the starting point for the determination of your financial losses. Our experienced premises liability attorneys can make sure that you have an accurate determination of your medical bills, including projected future losses, diagnostic testing, prescriptions and mental health treatment. Property damages may also be included as part of your economic losses.

The value of your premises liability case includes non-economic losses. While the legal system can’t end your pain and suffering, it can give you a sense of justice for what you have been through. Non-economic losses are meant to compensate you for the physical and emotional suffering that goes along with being the victim of a premises liability accident. The amount of pain and suffering compensation that you receive is relative to the severity and permanence of your injuries. Our premises liability attorneys can give you a confidential case evaluation so that you can fully understand what your premises liability case may be worth.

What Can I Expect When I Meet With Your Tampa Premises Liability Lawyers?

When you discuss your premises liability case with our Tampa premises liability lawyers, you can expect a friendly and confidential conversation about your circumstances. We know that being involved in a premises liability claim is an unexpected and challenging situation. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable meeting with our team.

As you consider your options, we will help you understand premises liability law and how it applies to your case. During our conversation, we answer all of your questions about the law and the legal process. It’s our goal to ensure that you understand how the legal process will affect you and what to expect going forward. Our fee agreements are straightforward and simple. See how we can represent you with no cost upfront and no fees for our services unless you win.

Premises Liability Meeting

Tampa Premises Liability Lawyers Free Consultation

If you’d like to receive compensation for your premises liability case, we invite you to call for a free consultation with our Tampa premises liability lawyers. Your premises liability claim is just as important to us as it is to you. See how our Tampa personal injury attorneys can work to get you a fair result and a check in your hands. We’re taking new cases, and immediate consultations are available. Call us today.

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For more than 40 years, personal injury lawyer Jack G. Bernstein has protected the rights of individuals who have been injured in a variety of circumstances. Throughout his career, Bernstein has been a strategist thoroughly dedicated to the idea of protecting the rights of his clients. Mr. Bernstein is a member of the Florida State Bar Association, the Hillsborough Bar Association and the Clearwater Bar Association.

Mr. Bernstein has the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of injury cases. Among the types of plaintiffs Mr. Bernstein represents are individuals involved in car accidents caused by drunk drivers or other exhibiting negligence, medical complications resulting from carelessness caused by a physician or a medical facility, including brain injury, bicycle, motorcycle, moped and truck accidents, admiralty law and cruise ship accidents, accidental drownings, all types of wrongful death lawsuits, along with most injury, catastrophic occurrences and legal malpractice issues.

Our firm handles every type of personal injury and accident case, using negotiation and litigation tactics effectively. We handle cases throughout Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, FL. With a staff of approximately 40 people, including six lawyers and 34 support personnel, we have the legal resources to get the justice you deserve and the maximum recovery for your losses. Schedule your free consultation today; we are always here to help.

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