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Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuits are a way for individuals who are impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic to seek compensation. If you contract COVID-19, or if you get stranded in quarantine on a cruise ship, you may deserve financial compensation if you bring a claim in the State of Florida. Our Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit attorneys in Tampa can help.

Lawsuits for Coronavirus COVID-19 on a Cruise Ship

The first step anytime that you have been injured is to seek medical care at once.

Lawsuits for contracting COVID-19 on a cruise ship are based on the claim that the cruise ship did not do all they could to prevent the transmission of the virus. You make your demand for compensation based on the fact that the cruise ship did not take reasonable steps to protect your safety. The claim is based on the legal theory of negligence. Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuits are a demand for legal compensation based on the fact that the cruise line didn’t do enough to protect their customers from harm.

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What You Have to Prove to Win a COVID-19 Cruise Ship Lawsuit

To win a COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit, you must prove the following:

  • Duty – You have to show that the cruise line had a duty to protect your safety. If you were a guest on a cruise ship, a duty existed from the cruise line towards you. The cruise line has a responsibility towards all of its customers.
  • Negligence – Negligence is a legal term, but all it means is that the cruise line didn’t do enough to stop the transmission of COVID-19 among cruise passengers. To know if the cruise line did enough, you compare their actions to what a reasonable company should have done in the same situation.
  • Cause of Damages – The negligence of the cruise line must be the cause of your injury. In other words, you must have contracted COVID-19 or another illness because of the actions of the cruise line, or you must have been subject to unnecessary quarantine. If you contract COVID-19 months later at home, you probably don’t have a claim against the cruise line.
  • Damages – You must have damages in order to win a COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit. If you require medical treatment for COVID-19, you have damages. If you spend weeks living in quarantine on a cruise ship, you have damages. Simply testing positive for Coronavirus may not be enough if you don’t also have symptoms, or you are subject to a quarantine order. You need some kind of loss or suffering that results from the actions of the cruise ship company.

Cruise ships are relatively small places for the number of people that are together. Thousands of people are on the ship for days or even weeks at a time. In close, confined spaces, viruses can transmit quickly. Because of the inherent dangers present on a cruise ship, the companies that operate the cruise lines have to work diligently and plan to stop the transmission of viruses before they have a chance to spread.

Ways a Cruise Line May Have Legal Liability for Coronavirus COVID-19

It’s no surprise that viruses can spread on a cruise line. In fact, cruise lines have made the news in the past for illnesses that spread through ships. The cruise lines knew long before the Coronavirus pandemic that they needed to take careful steps to protect the well-being of their passengers. Here are some ways that a cruise line may have legal liability for Coronavirus COVID-19:

  • Failing to screen passengers for illness before allowing them to embark
  • Not instructing passengers in the appropriate hygiene techniques for a cruise ship
  • Poor monitoring of guests, including schedule adjustments as necessary
  • Slow reactions to isolate impacted guests
  • Refusing to modify cruise schedules because of known pandemic outbreaks
  • Conducting their operation with inadequate medical care including medications for guests as needed
  • Sanitation procedures that are inadequate given the dangers on a ship
  • Requiring quarantine of cruise ship members when less drastic options may have been available
  • Mistreating guests under quarantine or failing to provide for their needs
  • Food sanitation failures

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawyers can help you investigate. You need to be able to show what negligence occurred in your case. However, most victims don’t know what exactly the cruise ship did wrong right away. They only know that they are hurting. That’s where our attorneys for cruise ship lawsuits can step in and take action. We have the experience to conduct a thorough and timely investigation to determine your rights and the appropriate remedy.

Results for a Coronavirus COVID-19 Cruise Ship Lawsuit

If you’re considering bringing a Coronavirus COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuit, you may be wondering what you can recover. Here are some of the types of compensation that you may receive for a Coronavirus COVID-19 lawsuit:

  • Medical bills compensation
  • The cost of your transfer from the cruise ship to a hospital
  • Compensation for the fact that you were quarantined on a cruise ship
  • Reimbursement for antibiotics, IV fluids and diagnostic tests
  • Coverage for related illnesses that result from the virus transmission
  • Coverage for prior conditions that are made worse because of the virus
  • Mental health care
  • Property damage
  • Travel expenses for rebooked flights
  • Any other tangible or intangible loss that you have because of what happened

The purpose of a lawsuit is to compensate a victim for all of their losses. There isn’t one amount that all victims receive. Instead, the damages that you receive are specific to your losses and suffering. Our attorneys for COVID-19 cruise ship lawsuits can help you determine what you qualify to receive.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Cruise Ship Lawsuit Attorneys in Tampa

Did you contract COVID-19 because of a cruise? Were you quarantined on a cruise ship? You may deserve financial compensation. Get the COVID-19 Coronavirus cruise ship lawsuit attorneys who get results. We’ve helped thousands of personal injury victims. To us, your case is personal. Call our Tampa personal injury attorneys today for your free and confidential consultation.

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