Case is finally over and I as happy as I can be. Government stuff due to my military insurance was the biggest hold up. Mr. Bernstein himself stepped right in and made good on everything this firm promised. Being Filipino and now American citizen, this procedure is very confusing to me, but I can assure all that with patience and following instructions, Mr. Bernstein will get you everything you deserve. I will highly recommend him to anyone who ask my advice. Thank you so much.

- Art P


Was easily the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer. Free consultation where I met personally with Jack, he laid out his plan for the case. The plan worked better than I could imagine. Would easily recommend this law firm to any one.

- Amos Bailey


I was in a car accident and hired attorney Jack Bernstein to represent me. He gave me good advice and showed personal interest in my case. He helped to negotiate a settlement for me that I was happy with. I strongly recommend that anyone with a car accident or any injury case hire Jack Bernstein’s firm to represent them.

- Erlinda H.


In July of last year I had a motorcycle accident. I was Injured badly and hired Jack Bernstein to help me recover the policies. It was a rough road with many challenges but in the end we got the policy limits and all the bills paid. Jack Bernstein delivered as promised and i am very satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. Thank you Jack!

- Marlene


Initially I had problems with my case. When you are injured and your world seems upside down, there is a tendency to overreact. I didn’t feel I was getting enough attention, so I complained. Within a day, Jack himself called me. He took it upon himself to handle my case and the outcome was super! His professionalism and negotiating skills wholly restored my faith in his entire Firm. Those traits combined with his experience and success ratio should give ample reason for anyone to employ his Firm with confidence that fair justice will prevail. Jack is a consummate family man who epitomizes fundamental American family values and you can rest assured that these sentiments will be reflected through his Firm.

- J. Peters