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Tampa Truck Accidents

Our Tampa truck accident lawyers are accepting new cases to help victims of truck accidents fight for their legal rights and get fair, financial compensation under Florida law. Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks can result in significant injuries and damages. The procedure for investigating, building, and filing a truck accident claim can be complex. There are unique issues relating to the trucking industry that a victim must consider to be successful.

Having the proper legal representation can help you ensure a fair resolution, a timely claims process, and adequate compensation for your losses. To us, your case is personal. An experienced Tampa, FL truck accident attorney can help you pursue your claim and make sure that you receive the appropriate remedies.

How Our Tampa Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

truck making a sharp turnFinding an aggressive and experienced Tampa truck accident lawyer is critical to getting the outcome in the Florida legal system that you’re looking for. An attorney who specializes in truck accidents can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. There are likely things that you can do to make your case stronger. Your attorney identifies these things and helps you facilitate building your case.

Our Tampa truck accident lawyers offer full-service representation for truck accident victims. When we represent a truck accident client, we handle all of the contact with the insurance company and the other party. Our team works on your behalf, and we work with you during the case-building process.

When you need medical experts to identify and explain your physical injuries, our team can help you find the right professionals to provide medical care and build your claim. Comprehensive legal representation also means preparing your legal documents, forming a legal strategy, and speaking for you in court. Working with our Tampa truck accident attorneys means that we handle every aspect of the legal case for you so that you can turn your attention to your recovery.

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Truck accident cases are different than the typical motor vehicle accidents for many reasons. Whether your accident is with a semi-truck, delivery vehicle like a UPS or FedEx truck or a service truck, the trucking industry is highly regulated and subject to a variety of laws. These laws place weight restrictions on truckloads, put limitations on times, distances and locations where trucks may be driven, require specific training and licenses for truck drivers, and require the truck itself to comply with specific requirements. When a truck driver or truck owner fails to comply with the trucking laws and an accident results, it may give rise to claims for damages against the truck’s insurance, the truck driver, and the business employing the truck driver. A claim may also be the result of the truck driver failing to drive carefully or follow the rules of the road that apply to all drivers.

When you’re pursuing a truck accident claim, it’s critical to consider all of the parties that may be responsible. Truck accident cases are unique among vehicle accident cases because the truck driver is often employed by a large, often out of state, corporation or business. If the truck driver is on the job for their employer when the accident occurs, the corporation or business may be liable. When the employer is located outside the state where the accident occurs, there may be additional issues to be considered in a claim like the appropriate location to file the claim.

An experienced truck accident attorney will be versed on the trucking laws and can identify any potential violations that may apply to your case. A truck accident attorney will also be able to pursue a claim against all responsible parties, including out of state corporations who employ the truck driver. When you work with an attorney, you rely on them to know and apply all of the trucking laws, rules of the road, negligence laws, and Florida court procedures to help you get a fair outcome in the legal process.

What Is a Truck Accident Case Worth?

Every truck accident case is unique. The damages that you should receive in your case depend on your actual losses. When there are significant injuries, a victim may receive payment for emotional losses and mental injuries as well as physical pain from the third-party or parties responsible. Florida’s definition of significant injuries is quite expansive. You may qualify for a third-party claim and not be aware of it.

In general, a victim to such an accident is entitled to compensation to place them back in the position they were before the crash occurred plus compensation to account for any continuing effects of the accident. Some of the damages that a victim may receive include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Auto repairs
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Emotional and mental distress
  • Physical disfigurement and scarring
  • Future medical needs
  • Attorney fees and costs

Commercial Truck, Delivery Truck and Tow Truck Accidents in Tampa

There are no vehicles on the road that are exempt from Florida negligence laws. Drivers and owners of commercial trucks, delivery trucks, and tow trucks can all be responsible when an accident occurs. An experienced truck accident lawyer knows the legal elements that must be shown to recover damages and will be able to identify the damages for which you may be able to receive compensation.

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Truck Accident Attorneys With Free Consultations in Tampa

Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys has over 36 years of experience representing victims involved in truck accidents in Tampa, Florida. He and his team of attorneys fight to protect your rights and make sure insurance companies and corporations with deep pockets do not abuse the process or bully you into unfair settlements. As your attorney, he will keep the truck driver and company honest and hold them responsible for their negligence.

If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck, call (813) 333-6666 to speak with Jack personally about your case. He will provide legal advice to assist with the claim process and can provide quality representation to help you recover the damages you are entitled to receive.

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