Casino Accident Lawyers in Tampa

Injured in a Casino? Here’s What to Do Next

Casino accidents are more common than many people think. Because casinos are large corporations that make a living from entertainment and false impressions, going up against one of them can be a huge challenge. Tampa casinos have huge legal teams dedicated to keeping people like you from getting the compensation that you deserve and need to recover from an injury, but you don’t have to go up against them alone.

Types of Casino Injury

cards and chips in a casinoAs with any retail establishment, casinos are responsible for maintaining a safe place for the public, free of hazards. When they fail to do this, people can get hurt – and the casino is liable for the costs associated with these injuries.

Here are just a few ways that you can be harmed at a Tampa, FL casino through no fault of your own:

  • Slipping and falling on a wet or unsafe floor
  • Injuring yourself on unsafe stairs or walkways
  • Falling in slippery spills or other falling hazards that were not cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time
  • Any injury from property that was not maintained in a safe condition
  • Being assaulted or otherwise a victim of crime due to inadequate security measures or staff

What to Do When You’ve Had a Casino Accident

When you have a casino accident, it is important to take the right actions as soon as possible. First, you should always report the accident to the casino security. They will want a long statement, but this is not the time for that. It is very important that you give statements and sign things only when your lawyer has approved it. If you do not have legal counsel, wait until you do.

After this, go immediately to a hospital or clinic. You do not have to go to the one that the casino recommends, if they have a preference. Once you have sought medical treatment, call a Tampa personal injury lawyer immediately. If you have already signed an accident report or other paperwork with the casino, it is even more imperative to get legal counsel so they can direct the case from now on.

Why You Need a Lawyer Today

If you have been injured in a casino accident, getting an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible is critical to getting the judgment you deserve. Casinos have insurance covering accidents and injuries on their grounds, but they still will fight tooth and nail to discredit you. They will try to minimize your injuries, discredit your claim, and keep from paying the money you need for medical bills, lost work, and pain and suffering. They will likely have video of the event from security cameras that they can misconstrue to make the accident look like your fault.

One of the first things casinos consider when confronted with a claim is which lawyer is representing the plaintiff. If a person does not have a lawyer or has one who is not experienced in personal injury, the claims handler for the casino will try to get out of paying even a dime. However, they know that an experienced lawyer will not allow them to get away with paying less than the injured party is owed.

Casinos can be sneaky in avoiding accident and injury claims. They will try to trick you into dropping your claim or accepting less than you are owed. However, there is no reason to settle for this. Get an experienced personal injury lawyer today and get the money you need to move on from a casino accident.

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