The average personal injury settlement is an important thing to know. You may have been in an accident and are trying to learn everything that you can about how injury settlements work. Educating yourself is an important and valuable way to empower yourself after a personal injury accident.

By studying the average personal injury settlement, you can learn what steps you need to take during the claims process. You can ensure that you and you Tampa personal injury lawyer are demanding enough for your accident. You can also form realistic expectations about your recovery and the claims process. Here’s what you need to know about the average personal injury settlement.

Average Personal Injury Settlement Amount

The average personal injury settlement amount is $24,000. Most personal injury case settlements range from $13,000 to $50,000. Many factors play into a personal injury settlement. Your amount may be more or less than the average amount.

What Is the Average Settlement for Personal Injury?

The average settlement for personal injury is $13,000-$50,000. The average amount varies based on the type of case. In addition, different states have different laws. The differences can mean that settlements vary in each state. You should look at all of the factors that apply in the case to determine how your case compares to the average compensation for personal injury.

Personal Injury Claim Settlement Amounts

Most personal injury claim settlement amounts range from a few thousand dollars to up to $75,000. Although some victims receive millions of dollars for their claim, cases like that are the exception. Most cases result in four-figure and five-figure settlements.

Each accident case is unique. It’s important not to make assumptions about what you might get for a settlement based on what other people get. There are a lot of different factors that play into what a person receives for their case. Even though looking at average settlements is helpful, it’s important not to assume that your case is typical. You may get more or less than the average compensation for your injury case.

How Much to Ask for in a Personal Injury Settlement

In a personal injury settlement, you should ask for an amount that fairly reflects your injuries and losses. It should include all of your financial losses. Depending on your type of accident and the laws of your state, you should also ask for an additional amount to compensate you for your physical pain and mental suffering. Your request should be consistent with what you can request under the laws of your state.

Factors for a Personal Injury Settlement

Here are some of the factors that may impact the amount of your injury settlement:

  • Your medical bills. All of your medical bills deserve financial compensation.
  • Your lost income. If you’re unable to work, you can claim monetary compensation for lost income.
  • How serious your injuries are. The more serious your physical injuries are, the more physical pain and suffering you’re going to have. Pain and suffering deserve financial compensation in a personal injury accident.
  • How permanent your injuries are. When a personal injury accident causes permanent injuries, a settlement is higher than if the victim quickly recovers.
  • Whether you did anything to contribute to the accident. In most states, if your actions contribute to the accident in some way, you can still recover something for your injuries. However, the amount that you recover may be smaller than if you hadn’t done anything to contribute to the accident.
  • The strength of the case. If fault is obvious in your case, you can expect your injury settlement to be higher than if there is some doubt about the legal strength of your case.
  • The responsible party’s ability to pay. When there’s an insurance policy that can cover your damages, it may be easier to get a higher settlement than if the responsible party has to pay out of pocket. The assets that the responsible party has to pay your claim can also factor into your settlement amount.

How Do I Increase My Injury Settlement?

You can increase your personal injury settlement by doing everything that you can to build a strong case. It’s also important not to overlook types of evidence that you can claim. It’s critical to bring your claim properly, like meeting filing deadlines, naming the appropriate party, and carefully drafting effective legal documents.

Is My Personal Injury Settlement Enough for an Attorney to Take My Case?

Don’t assume that a personal injury attorney won’t want to take your case just because it’s an average or even below average case in terms of compensation. To the contrary, the legal experts at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys are dedicated to helping every accident victim win the compensation that they deserve. Each accident victim is an important person.

With an experienced attorney by your side, you have a team of trained and experienced legal experts fighting for you. They know what you can do to maximize your compensation. They know what factors impact whether your injury settlement is below, at or above average. Armed with an informed evaluation of your case, you can take the right steps to pursue the compensation that you deserve.

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