The victim of a supermarket or grocery store accident may deserve financial compensation. Although a grocery store accident may just seem like an unfortunate event, in many circumstances, the accident could have been prevented through reasonable care by the grocery store. If you have physical injuries or property damage from a grocery store accident, you may deserve financial compensation. Our grocery store and supermarket accident attorneys explain your rights.

Supermarket & Grocery Store Accidents: How to Claim Injury Compensation

You may claim injury compensation for a supermarket and grocery store accident if the store fails to take reasonable measures to protect your safety. A supermarket accident lawsuit is based on unreasonable dangers created by the supermarket. The standard is whether the supermarket took reasonable steps to investigate the premises and remedy hazards before they cause harm.

As a victim, you may claim payment for your losses. Direct financial losses may be a part of the claim, as well as pain and suffering. The purpose of a grocery store or supermarket lawsuit is to fully compensate the victim for all of the losses that they have from the accident. The law requires the responsible party to bear the losses instead of the victim. Of course, the law cannot remove your physical suffering. However, you can receive compensation for pain and suffering, as well as all the economic losses you have because of the accident.

Tampa Grocery Store and Supermarket Attorneys

The Jack Bernstein, Personal Injury Attorney legal team can represent you if you’re hurt in an accident. Our grocery store and supermarket attorneys are prepared to work on your behalf to claim compensation after an accident. We can help you with every step in your claim, including:

  • Quickly gathering evidence
  • Documenting physical injuries and building evidence of your pain and suffering
  • Valuing the claim
  • Preparing your legal documents
  • Filing court paperwork and following service requirements
  • Developing a legal strategy; filing court motions
  • Appearing in court on your behalf; making court arguments
  • Negotiating your settlement
  • Collecting your judgment

The Tampa grocery store and supermarket attorneys at Jack Bernstein, Personal Injury Attorneys, provide comprehensive legal services. We’re accepting new cases. Call us today for your confidential consultation.

Winning Supermarket and Grocery Store Slip and Fall Cases

Supermarket and grocery store slip and fall cases depend heavily on demonstrating the negligence of the store operators. Although the burden on the store to provide a safe environment is very high, it’s ultimately the responsibility of the victim to show that the store didn’t meet that burden. For a slip and fall victim, proving how a substance, shopping item or supplies created an unreasonable hazard can be a daunting task.

Proving that a transitory foreign substance existed on the floor is not enough. Instead, the victim must show that the hazard was reasonably foreseeable because it occurred on a repeated basis. Alternatively, the victim may indicate that the transitory foreign substance was on the premises for so long that the owner should have known about it and fixed it.

Montgomery v. Florida Jitney Jungle Stores, Inc. 281 So.2d. 302 (1973)

The Florida Supreme Court memorialized the law for slip and fall grocery store cases in the case of Montgomery v. Florida Jitney Jungle Stores, Inc. 281 So.2d. 302. In this case, a stray collard green was on the floor of a grocery store. The victim slipped on the collard green and was hurt. The victim testified that she had been in the area for about 15 minutes before the accident and there were no other shoppers. No one came and swept, she said. The leaf was described as old and dirty.

Employees of the store contradicted her testimony. They said they swept shortly before the woman entered the area of the store. The jury ruled in favor of the woman.

The court clarified that a victim must have some evidence of how the dangerous condition came to be. It’s not enough to ask the jury to infer that the store is at fault for the hazardous condition. Instead, the victim must show that it’s the store’s fault that the danger was present. In the Montgomery case, the testimony was from the woman herself that the store did not give any attention to the area in the 15 minutes before the accident.

What victims can learn from the Montgomery case is that it’s critically important to develop evidence of negligence in a supermarket or grocery store case. Negligence is a critical piece of any accident in a supermarket or grocery store case. Victims should understand how thoroughly they must detail their claim with evidence of what occurred. To build evidence, it’s critical to work quickly to save evidence that might exist, such as security video, identities of witnesses and logs of employee activity.

How Our Supermarket and Grocery Store Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Our supermarket and grocery store accident lawyers can help you navigate the complex Florida legal system. There are many steps to receiving compensation for slipping in a supermarket or grocery store. You must work quickly to gather and preserve evidence. Court documents must follow legal standards. Legal strategies, court motions and exhibits must be brought and developed for trial. Negotiating the appropriate settlement takes patience and skill.

When you work with our supermarket and grocery store accident lawyers, we’re committed to dedicating our skill and effort to helping you achieve the best possible result in the legal system. With so many things to do to receive compensation, bringing a claim can seem overwhelming.

However, our entire team of personal injury lawyers represents our clients through every step of the process. Not only do we make the legal process manageable, but we work to maximize your compensation at every level. Our attorneys are dedicated, aggressive advocates who don’t stop until you’re happy with the result you receive in your case.

Tampa Supermarket and Grocery Store Accident Lawyers

Our Tampa supermarket and grocery store accident lawyers are accepting new cases. Your call is confidential, and we can represent you with no payment until you win. Contact our Tampa supermarket and grocery store accident lawyers today to see what your claim might be worth.

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