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What Is Wrongful Termination in Florida?

Wrongful termination in Florida is when your employer fires you for an unlawful reason. For example, your employer cannot fire you because of your race, age, sex, national origin or because you’re pregnant. They may not fire you in breach of an employment contract. There are many protected categories that cannot be grounds for termination. Wrongful termination in Florida occurs when an employer illegally ends a person’s employment.

What Are Some Grounds for Wrongful Termination in Florida?

Wrongful termination in Florida can occur based on any of these reasons:

  • Race
  • Gender/Sex
  • Family status
  • Pregnancy status
  • Age
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Filing for workers’ compensation
  • Complaining about harassment or discrimination
  • Disability
  • Breach of an employment contract

This list is not exhaustive. There are several reasons why you may be the victim of wrongful termination in Florida. Contact us for a review of your case to determine if you may qualify to file a claim.

What Can I Do if I’m the Victim of Wrongful Termination in Florida?

If you’re the victim of wrongful termination in Florida, you can make a complaint to a government agency, file a lawsuit or do both in some cases. You may deserve financial compensation and reinstatement of your employment.

Filing a claim may result in changes in the workplace. It can also involve a range of compensation that you may be owed. You can also choose to work with a Florida wrongful termination lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

How Can a Tampa Wrongful Termination Attorney Help Me?

A Tampa wrongful termination attorney can help you by ensuring that you file your reports with the right entities and in the right time frame. They can help you gather the evidence that you’re the victim of wrongful termination and that what happened to you was against the law. They ensure that your claim identifies the kinds of relief that you may deserve, including back pay, benefits and reinstatement to your position, if desired.

Is Wrongful Termination Hard to Prove?

Wrongful termination can be hard to prove because you have to determine the specific motivation of the employer. You have to show that it was an illegal reason that prompted them to terminate you. However, you can prove this by methodically building your case. Witnesses, records, emails, patterns of hiring and firing can all be instrumental in proving your case.

A wrongful termination attorney can help you with this complex process. They can pour over the details in order to explain exactly what happened and present the information effectively.

How Long Do I Have to File a Wrongful Termination Case in Florida?

How long you have to file a wrongful termination case in Florida depends on the organization with which you’re filing. The time frame may be as short as 180 days if you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). It can be as much as 300 days if you file with the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR). Who you file with can make a difference. Your case’s facts and circumstances determine where you can file and where it’s best to file.

Our attorneys can help you sort it all out. It’s important to remember that there are short time limits that apply. Contact us as soon as possible so we can investigate and determine how best to pursue your claim.

What Compensation Can I Get From a Wrongful Termination Case?

A wrongful termination case is a lawsuit based on an employer inappropriately discharging a worker. The victim brings a claim to court and states what their damages are. Compensation may include:

  • Lost pay
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • Any other form of compensation or benefit of employment
  • Pain and suffering (in some cases)

The worker must prove their case that they are the victim of wrongful termination. They must also itemize their damages. Pain and suffering may be available when the employer’s actions result in verified mental health damages.

Can You Sue for a Hostile Work Environment in Florida?

Yes, you can sue for a hostile work environment in Florida. A hostile work environment is one that is abusive, offensive or unreasonable based on a protected characteristic like race, gender or disability. It’s more than just petty slights. It must be pervasive. In fact, words can be enough to constitute a hostile work environment.

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Are you looking for the best Tampa wrongful termination attorneys? We invite you to get to know our legal team. Do you believe that you may be the victim of wrongful termination? Here are some of the highlights of the Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys law firm:

  • Our founder, Jack G. Bernstein, has practiced law for more than three decades. In that time, he’s handled more than 50,000 cases. That experience can make the difference for you.
  • The Bernstein legal team is dedicated to helping victims like you. We spend every day fighting for the rights of good people. We believe that you deserve access to great legal representation.
  • There are more than 40 people on our legal team, including attorneys, paralegals and trained legal assistants. That means you get the right team assigned to handle the specific questions presented in your case.
  • We have offices right in Tampa, and we handle cases throughout Florida. Let us meet you on your terms, whether it’s in person, remotely, by phone or through email.
  • Each case that the Bernstein team handles is personal to us. We know how challenging it can be to have a legal problem. We take the time to explain the law and your rights. Customizing your case to your specific legal needs and goals gives us the edge as we work together for your success.

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