What Is Florida’s Open Container Law?

Florida open container laws prohibit drivers and passengers from having open and available alcohol in their vehicles. Laws prohibiting open containers in Florida cover moving vehicles as well as vehicles that are parked onto or adjacent to any road. Open container laws vary slightly between states. All drivers need to understand what the law is … Continued

Florida Financial Responsibility Law

Florida’s financial responsibility law is a law that requires some categories of drivers to have extra car insurance. While all drivers have to have basic no-fault insurance, there are some drivers who have to have additional insurance to cover at-fault situations. If you get a DUI or if you’re in a serious accident, you might … Continued

What is Florida’s 14-Day PIP Rule?

If you’re a Florida driver, you may have heard of the 14-day rule. Under Florida’s no-fault system, you have 14 days to seek medical attention after a car accident. The time deadline is a requirement to make a claim for compensation through your no-fault, personal injury protection insurance. All Florida drivers should be familiar with … Continued

Leaving the Scene After a Florida Car Accident

When an accident occurs, you must stop your vehicle. You must exchange information when the other driver and call the police. Too often, drivers don’t follow this law. If the other driver flees the scene of a car accident, can they be charged with a crime? If the other driver flees the scene of a … Continued

Florida Car Accidents Caused by Road Hazards

Not all accidents on the road happen because of driving errors. A hidden danger in the streets is flying debris from other vehicles. Another driver may not secure the items they’re transporting. A loose object can strike another car and cause serious harm. When harm occurs because of a road hazard, you have rights, including … Continued