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At Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, we can help you rebuild your life after an accident. When you’re hurt in an unexpected accident, it can be hard to know where to begin. You may not have health insurance to cover your medical needs. Even if you have health insurance, the costs can add up quickly.

Our entire team of personal injury lawyers in St. Petersburg are dedicated to helping accident victims find the relief that they need to make it right. Over the years, we’ve assisted more than 10,000 deserving clients just like you. Call us today for an immediate consultation about your case with a friendly member of our team.

Doctor Examines Patient Injuries After Slip and Fall

How are Victims of Personal Injury Affected by the Accident?

We know that it’s hard to bring a claim after an accident. You already have the trauma and the stress of the incident. You have physical and emotional suffering. Receiving the medical care that you need can be stressful and time-consuming by itself. Then, in order to receive the financial recovery that you deserve, you need to bring a claim for recovery. All of this can seem overwhelming.

That’s where our St. Petersburg personal injury attorneys can help. We have years of experience representing accident victims and guiding them through the process. We see ourselves as fighters and advocates for justice on behalf of accident victims. You don’t have to let the insurance companies or anyone else intimidate you into settling for far less than you deserve.

How Can Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys Help Accident Victims?

Our team of St. Petersburg injury attorneys help clients by accommodating their needs as we advocate for justice. If you want to meet at your home or in the hospital as you recover, we’re happy to meet you on your terms. We do our part of preparing and filing your legal documents with our training and experience.

But we don’t stop there. We want you to understand the legal proceedings and what’s happening as we work on your case. We’ve been there thousands of times before, but we know it’s likely the first time you’re going through the stress and pain of being a personal injury accident victim. You can expect us to be understanding and sympathetic as we work thoroughly and aggressively on your claim.

No Fees Unless You Recover

When most people think about working with an injury lawyer, they wonder how it works financially. Rest assured, there’s no fee for our services unless you recover. That’s how confident we are in the services we provide. When we meet with you, we outline how our payment structure works. We make sure that we answer all of your questions so that you understand how we get paid for our services and we can all focus on our number one priority, which is helping you restore your life and receive a fair recovery.

Remember the Insurance Companies Don’t Represent You!

Whether it’s your own insurance company or you’re working with another party’s insurance company, remember that they’re out to protect their own interests. The less they pay to you, the more money they keep in their own pockets. They may be nice on the phone, but ultimately, they’re not there to help you. It’s important to speak with a dedicated member of our legal team even if the insurance company appears willing to extend a settlement offer. We can help you review the offer to make sure that you’re getting a recovery that fairly represents your losses.

What Losses Am I Able to Recover After an Accident?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your medical bills are the only type of recovery that you can receive after an accident. A personal injury accident claim is comprehensive. The law in St. Petersburg for accident victims is to compensate you in a way that attempts to make things on par with the way it was before your accident.

Of course, when you have physical injuries, things can never be exactly the way they were before your accident. Instead, the law seeks to measure your physical, mental and emotional suffering and compensate you accordingly. We can help you value your claim and bring your legal case in a way that asks for all of the damages that you may be able to recover under Florida law.

We Represent You at All Stages of the Claim?

When we represent a client, we handle every aspect of the claim. If you’re in direct negotiations with the insurance company, we speak with them on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about having even one more conversation with the insurance company, because we begin working on your case the very day that you hire us to represent you.

If we need to file a formal legal complaint, we draft it for you. We put our experience to work to make sure that we prepare a summons and complaint that accurately and thoroughly states your position and your legal demands. We use the legal process to build your case through documentation, expert resources and witness testimony.

If your case goes to trial, we’re ready to present a strong case to the jury. From opening statements through the presentation of evidence and closing arguments, we present the case on your behalf. Our team works to thoroughly prepare you for what to expect, so you’re ready and confident when your day in court arrives.

Even though we’re always ready for your case to go to trial, in many cases, the time and effort we put into building your case helps the other side see its strength. We’re often able to resolve a case in your favor without needing to conduct a formal trial. We can help you understand the options so that you can make the right decisions for you as the case progress.

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Helping deserving accident victims is what we do best. Each case and each client is our most important as we work together to help you recover and rebuild. Contact Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys for a no-obligation, confidential consultation regarding your St. Petersburg personal injury accident claim. Let’s work together for you.

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