Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Florida motorcycle accident statistics tell us a lot about motorcycle safety. Whether you’ve just been in an accident, you want to get a motorcycle for the first time, or you’re writing a research paper, motorcycle accident statistics are important. Our Tampa attorneys for motorcycle accidents discuss Florida motorcycle accident statistics.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Florida motorcycle accident statistics [1]:

  • There were 600 fatal motorcycle accidents in Florida in 2016
  • 191 fatal motorcycle accidents were single-vehicle crashes; 409 fatal accidents involved another vehicle
  • 69.9% of two-vehicle, fatal motorcycle accidents were head-on crashes
  • 11.7% of fatal, multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents were rear-end crashes
  • Of 600 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2016, 31 were side-impact crashes, like side-swiping

Do Motorcycle Helmets Save Lives?

Yes, motorcycle helmets save lives. The Center for Disease Control reports [2] that wearing a helmet while riding reduces the risk of death by 37 percent. The CDC estimates that motorcycle helmets saved 1,859 lives in the United States in 2016. Motorcycle helmets save lives by reducing the risk of head trauma and death when an accident occurs.

How Many Motorcyclists Were Killed in Motor Vehicle Crashes in Florida in 2016?

There were 600 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes in Florida in 2016 [3]. One-third of those crashes involved only the motorcycle itself, while two-thirds of the accidents involved at least one other vehicle. Of the 600 motorcyclists killed in motor vehicle crashes in Florida in 2016, 69.9% of the crashes involving two or more vehicles were head-on crashes. 11.7% of fatal accidents were rear-end collisions. In total, 600 motorcyclists were killed in motor vehicle crashes in Florida in 2016.

After Florida Motorcycle Accident

How Many Motorcycle Deaths in Florida Each Year?

There are 600 motorcycle deaths in Florida each year. Of 10,331 motorcycle accidents in 2016, 600 fatalities resulted. Another 8,256 drivers suffered injuries in motorcycle crashes in the same time period.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Tampa/Hillsborough County

Tampa/Hillsborough County motorcycle accident statistics:

  • There were 741 motorcycle crashes in 2016 in Hillsborough County
  • 50 fatalities occurred in motorcycle accidents in Hillsborough County in 2016
  • In 2016, there were 592 injuries in motorcycle accidents

What Is the Single Most Dangerous Situation for Motorcyclists?

The single most dangerous situation for motorcyclists is a head-on collision. More fatal accidents occur because of a head-on crash than by any other cause. Deviating from the lane of travel can cause an accident that is most likely to result in a fatality for a motorcyclist. The single most dangerous situation is when a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction of the motorcycle weaves across the center line to cause a head-on accident.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents?

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is straying from the lane of travel or disobeying right of way laws. More fatal motorcycle accidents occur because of a head-on collision than any other cause. That can include a head-on crash on a two-way road or a situation where one vehicle turns in front of the other without having the right of way. Vehicles disobeying rules of the road for the right of way is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.

Statistics on Florida Motorcycle Accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a federal government agency. The agency, NHTSA, for short, researches traffic safety questions. They also provide recommendations for safe practices on the roads.

NHTSA reports that the vast majority of fatal alcohol crashes involve at least one driver with a blood alcohol content. In fact, in 78 percent of motorcycle accidents resulting in death, at least one of the drivers had a blood alcohol content of .01 percent or higher. In 16 percent of cases, one or more of the drivers’ tested with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher.

In Florida motorcycle accident deaths, the number of victims wearing a helmet vs. not wearing a helmet are about even. In a single year, there were 288 deaths for victims wearing a helmet, and there were 283 deaths for victims who were not wearing a helmet. There were 10,331 total motorcycle accidents in 2016. These accidents caused 8,256 injuries and 600 deaths.

Motorcycle Accident Fatalities and Drivers Under 21

One of the interesting motorcycle accident statistics in Florida has to do with drivers under age 21. In the year 2000, Florida repealed its motorcycle helmet law. After the law change, adults over the age of 21 no longer have to wear helmets to ride a motorcycle on a public road. Drivers under age 21 still have to wear a helmet.

Even though the law still requires a helmet for underage drivers, the repeal of the law had an interesting effect on Florida’s motorcycle accident statistics. In the 30 months after the law was repealed, fatalities for riders under 21 tripled. In those 30 months, fatalities rose from 35 in the 30-month period to 101 for the same length of time. In addition, hospitalizations rose by 40 percent. Even though the law did not impact drivers under 21, and helmets are still required, since the law change, more young motorcyclists choose to drive without helmets. Fatalities for this age group have tripled as a result.

Motorcycle Accidents and Your Legal Rights

In Florida, when a motorcycle accident causes serious injuries, the victim may have a right to claim compensation. The law in Florida is that the person who causes an accident involving serious injuries may owe the victim compensation. It doesn’t matter if the victim is a motorcycle rider. It also doesn’t matter whether the victim wears a helmet or not. The person who is responsible for the accident through their negligence must pay the victim for their damages.

Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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