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If you have been involved in a car accident, you could be left with life-altering injuries, mounting medical expenses, and a range of physical and mental scars, as shown by the latest auto accident statistics. When the unexpected happens, having an experienced car accident lawyer by your side can make all the difference. 

At Jack Bernstein, our Tampa injury attorneys are committed to representing victims when they need legal support the most. Our legal team is here to answer all your questions and concerns as well as equip you with the guidance you need to hold responsible parties accountable. 

If you have been injured in a car accident in Tampa, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, or Clearwater, contact our legal team at (813) 333-6666 to schedule a free case consultation. We won’t take a fee until we win, and we have decades of experience successfully representing victims just like you.

How can a car accident lawyer help you after a car accident?

A car accident lawyer serves as a legal advocate, guide, and expert when it comes to navigating the complexities of a car accident case. From the moment your car accident happens, critical steps should take place for you to build a strong case for an insurance claim or additional legal action you wish to pursue. An experienced car accident attorney can help you take these critical steps. 

Additionally, from the moment you begin working with a car accident attorney, their mission is to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Provide legal advice and explain your rights

One of the first steps a car accident lawyer will take once you enlist their services is to provide you with sound legal advice and explain your rights. Most accident victims are unaware of their legal rights and options to recover compensation for their injuries, medical bills, and other financial losses. Speaking with an attorney lets you understand your rights and the potential legal avenues and actions you can take.

Investigating the facts

Car accident investigations are complex. Car accidents involving government entities, semi-trucks, and other commercial vehicles can be even more complex because of the layers involved. 

Our car accident lawyers have the skills and resources to navigate these complex layers and uncover crucial evidence that may not be immediately apparent. This can include things like collecting surveillance footage, recording witness statements, doing accident reconstruction, and bringing in expert testimony. They can also tap into a greater network of resources that can help you support your case. 

Gather evidence you may not be able to

Beyond the surface details of your auto accident, a lawyer will delve into the case’s intricacies. They will consider factors like road conditions, weather, and potential vehicle defects. These can all play a role in your car accident case, and having a professional who can analyze these details to support your claim can be invaluable. 

Assesses the full extent of your damages

Determining the full extent of your damages goes beyond calculating medical bills. Insurance companies know this and may try to lowball you by offering compensation that covers your medical expenses only. 

An experienced car accident attorney knows that damages following a car accident can also include losses like lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other intangible losses. Having an attorney on your side means you’ll have a legal advocate to defend your right to the damages you deserve.

Gather witness testimony

Another critical component of evidence collection is documenting witness testimonies. Witnesses play a pivotal role in corroborating your version of events. Our car accident lawyers are skilled in gathering witness testimony to support your case. Our team of investigators can help track down critical witnesses, corroborate their statements, and help you build a strong case. 

Proving your case

Proving fault is another critical aspect of any car accident case. A lawyer will work diligently to establish the liability of the responsible party and prove that their negligence resulted in conditions that caused your injuries. 

At Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, our team is skilled at collecting and presenting evidence demonstrating how the other party’s negligence led to the accident. In proving fault, our lawyers will call on expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction specialists and medical professionals who can provide an unbiased analysis that strengthens your case’s credibility.

Negotiating a fair settlement

When you pursue a car accident injury lawsuit, your case will either end in a settlement or be resolved through a trial. Most car accident injury lawsuits are resolved in a settlement. If your case is headed toward a settlement, it’s important to have a car accident attorney skilled at negotiating the compensation you deserve. 

Our attorneys excel in negotiating with insurance companies to secure a fair settlement. They are well-versed in the tactics insurance companies use to minimize payouts and will make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

In addition to negotiating with the insurance companies, our attorneys will take full control over dealing with insurance adjusters overall. Our lawyers take the lead in all discussions with involved parties, ensuring your interests are represented and your rights protected every step of the way.

Represents you in court

While many cases are settled outside of court, having an experienced car accident lawyer prepared to represent you in court is essential. When our legal team cannot establish a fair settlement with responsible parties, we are fully prepared to guide you through the litigation process.

Do I need a lawyer for a car accident?

Car accidents, no matter the severity, can have lasting impacts on your life. If you have sustained an injury during your car accident, the aftereffects can be especially life-altering. 

Because of the complexities that follow a car accident, seeking the guidance of legal experts is highly recommended. When you work with a skilled car accident lawyer, you can feel confident knowing you have the sound legal support you can rely on and that your legal representation will help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system. 

More importantly, a seasoned car accident lawyer will allow you to understand your legal rights and options to recover the compensation you deserve.
The injury attorneys at Jack Bernstein have years of experience working with car accident victims just like you. Our team has detailed knowledge of the local court systems, local and state laws that apply to your case, and access to a network of resources that can help you navigate the path forward after your accident.

Statute of limitations and claims deadlines 

Filing an insurance claim or pursuing legal action against responsible parties also means you’ll need to be aware of deadlines. Florida law requires victims to file a PIP claim no more than 14 days after their accident, known as the 14-day rule under Fla. Stat. § 627.736 (a). Failing to do so may disqualify you from claiming PIP benefits.

You’ll also need to adhere to the state’s statute of limitations to bring forward a personal injury claim. Recently passed House Bill 837 gives victims the right to file a claim no more than two years after their injury date. Failing to do so could keep you from recovering the compensation you’re entitled to.

When should you call a car accident lawyer?

A car accident lawyer at their desk witting

If you have been involved in a car accident in Tampa, Florida, seek guidance from a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Timely action is crucial for preserving evidence, speaking with witnesses while memories are fresh, and ensuring you’re guided through the legal process from the outset.

At Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, our team is committed to helping you understand your legal rights and options. We don’t take a fee until we win your case, and we are committed to providing comprehensive legal representation so that you feel supported every step of the way. 

Contact our Tampa, Florida team at (813) 333-6666 today to schedule your free case consultation.


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