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The Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Jack Bernstein, Injury Lawyers, have over three decades of experience in handling personal injury cases. Our personal injury attorneys understand the difficulties that motorcycle accident victims have to deal with in order to receive fair compensation for their accident-related injuries. 

Our attorneys take pride in protecting the rights of motorcyclists. As a victim of a motorcycle accident, you have the right to fair treatment in the legal system. When you have experienced attorneys fighting for your rights, you have experts building you a likely unbeatable case that will ensure you receive maximum compensation for your accident claims.

Motorcycle accident statistics for Clearwater/Pinellas County

Given the beautiful weather and laid-back atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Florida is a popular destination for motorcycle riders. As such, it’s also not surprising that Florida — in particular Clearwater/Pinellas County — has a high number of motorcycle crash fatalities. 

A study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that, in Florida, more motorcyclists die in traffic accidents than any other state in the country. Out of the 67 counties in Florida, Pinellas County comes in No. 5 for the highest rate of motorcycle fatalities in the state. In 2015, a recorded 9,045 people sustained injuries while an additional 606 people lost their lives due to motorcycle accidents throughout the state of Florida. That same year, Pinellas County saw 27 fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents. 

If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida, be sure to schedule a free legal consultation with Jack Bernstein today.

Most dangerous intersection in Clearwater

While there are plenty of dangerous intersections and roads in Florida, the Gulf-to-Bay intersection on Belcher Road has been known to be particularly dangerous for drivers seeking to make a left turn.

Common causes of motorcycle crashes

While every motorcycle accident is unique regarding causes and outcomes, there is one constant in every type of accident: driver error or negligence. 

Some common causes of motorcycle accidents include: 

  • Failing to allow the motorcyclist to use the lane
  • Pulling out in front of a motorcyclist
  • Entering the lane where the motorcyclist is traveling lawfully
  • Driving too fast for conditions, including where riders may be present
  • Drunk driving, operating under the influence
  • Disobeying a stop sign or traffic light
  • Opening a car door in front of the motorcyclist
  • Poor vehicle design
  • Failing to take weather conditions into account
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving

It is especially vital for other drivers to be aware of any motorcyclists who may be on the road and to follow safe driving practices. The negligent party that caused the accident is typically liable for a variety of damages, including economic and non-economic damages. 

What to do after a motorcycle crash

We understand how scary life can seem following a motorcycle accident, and our Florida motorcycle accident attorneys are eager to help you claim financial compensation. Depending on the extent of the injuries, the victim may be entitled to receive significant damages. 

In order to receive these damages, however, it’s necessary to take the right steps beforehand, which is where our attorneys come into play. 

After a motorcycle accident, you should:

  • If possible, move away from traffic and other vehicles
  • Call first responders and seek medical assistance if you are hurt
  • Contact the police
  • Call your insurance company to report the incident
  • Get contact information from other drivers, including name, driver’s license number, and insurance details
  • Collect contact information from any witnesses of the accident
  • If you’re able, take pictures of injuries, damage, and the accident scene

The best thing you can do in the heat of the moment is to rely on law enforcement and first responders to handle the situation thoroughly and with care. Since the police report and initial accident information will become essential for your lawsuit, it’s important to have a good record of the incident and to avoid any confrontation with the other parties at the scene of the accident.

How Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys, can help after a motorcycle accident

If you’re in Clearwater Beach or Pinellas County and are looking to hire an experienced motorcycle attorney, look no further than Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys. Our expert team of professionals will provide you with top-notch legal representation that will guarantee you have a successful accident claim. 

Regardless of the extent of your injuries, if you come to Jack Bernstein following a motorcycle crash where you were hit by a car, we endeavor to deliver successful results. We can help you determine your legal options and guide you through the best steps necessary to proceed with filing your injury claim. 

Our attorneys will also help you with gathering any relevant evidence to build your legal argument. From hospital records to witness statements, our attorneys know exactly what is needed to calculate the worth of your losses in order to determine the overall value of your claim. Once all of the necessary evidence has been obtained, we will turn to our finely honed negotiation skills to work with insurance companies and opposing counsel to ensure that your rights as an injured motorcyclist are fully protected.

Due to our decades of experience with personal injury cases in Florida, we have a thorough understanding of how these cases are handled within this jurisdiction. As a result, we know how to create effective settlement strategies based on the facts of your case in order to maximize the compensation you receive. 

If you’re looking to speak with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney about your motorcycle accident, schedule a free legal consultation with Jack Bernstein today.

What is my motorcycle case worth?

Like car accident cases, the settlement amounts for motorcycle accidents are unique and vary on a case-by-case basis. The severity of your motorcycle accident, your total losses, and the damages you are eligible for impact your settlement. Typically, however, it’s estimated that most motorcycle accident settlements range from about $200,000 – $300,000. 

Generally, the more severe the motorcycle accident is, the more you can expect to be compensated for. If a settlement is not reached, your case will go to trial, where a judge or jury will determine if and how much damages you can recover. However, going to trial is not that common and is typically avoided in most motor vehicle accident cases. 

Working with an experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney is the best way to determine what damages you can seek and what an appropriate settlement amount should be in your case. 

Common types of damages in a motorcycle accident include the following: 

  • Emergency medical care
  • Future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and doctor visits
  • Lost wages and career changes
  • Property damage to your motorcycle
  • Helmet and riding gear damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Scarring, permanent disfigurement

Recoverable damages after a motorcycle accident

Like other personal injury lawsuits, you may be eligible to receive economic damages and non-economic damages in your motorcycle lawsuit settlement.

Economic damages aim to compensate victims for any financial harm they endured as a result of the accident, with the goal being to return the victim to the financial situation they were in prior to the incident. Economic damages often include the following:

  • Medical and hospital bills or other costs associated with your injuries
  • Any ongoing medical treatment that is required because of your injury from a motorcycle accident 
  • Lost wages and earning capacity 
  • Loss of personal property, including your motorcycle and other damaged property 

Unlike economic damages, non-economic damages focus on compensating the victim for any suffering they have endured as a result of the accident. Non-economic damages are often difficult to calculate based on their non-financial nature. Common examples of non-economic damages may include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and trauma
  • Emotional distress 
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Jack Bernstein’s law offices can help you thoroughly understand what damages may apply to your case and what you may be able to receive in your settlement package.

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Jack Bernstein’s law firm focuses on helping motorcycle accident victims ensure they receive the compensation they deserve in order to rebuild their lives. We understand that it can be overwhelming to take on a motorcycle accident alone, and we are here to help you navigate communications with law enforcement, other drivers, and insurance companies. 

We are here to explain the process and offer legal advice at every point throughout the lawsuit. We ensure that you know exactly what to expect at each step in the case and eagerly work on your behalf. Regardless of the complexities of the case, our attorneys are capable of handling anything you need!

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