The legal experts at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys can help you if you’re the victim of a fall. As Sarasota slip and fall attorneys, we believe that we’re in the business of helping people. It’s our goal to help you resolve your claim as quickly as possible for a fair amount. Having the right team of lawyers can make all the difference as you work towards a fast and fair resolution of your claim.

When you’re hurt in a slip and fall accident, you can feel lost. You may know that you deserve compensation, but you may not know where to even begin. That can make you feel confused and frustrated in addition to the physical pain that you’re feeling. We’re here to help. It’s our goal to help you understand and fight for your rights. We offer legal representation that’s both aggressive in the law and sensitive to your needs. We know how important this is to you.

Florida Slip and Fall Laws

If you’re hurt because of a slip and fall accident in Sarasota, you may have the right to compensation for your damages. Florida law requires property owners to keep their property safe at all times. If there’s an unsafe condition on someone’s property, and you slip, the property owner may be legally liable for your injuries. The legal liability that attaches to a property owner’s duty to keep their property in a safe condition is called premises liability.

Business owners have the highest duty to keep their property safe. They must actively look for dangers on their property. If there are dangers, they must fix them right away or take reasonable steps to warn people to stay clear of hazards. Even if you’re not a patron or a customer on someone’s property, the property owner may still have legal liability for a slip and fall based on their failure to keep the property safe. A property owner can even have a legal duty to a trespasser in some circumstances.

You May Have a Slip & Fall Case

Do you have injuries from a slip and fall? We invite you to meet with our legal team to learn about the law and discuss your options. Florida law protects slip and fall victims. Even if you think there may be some things that aren’t favorable to your case, we can help you answer your questions and understand your options. You might be surprised to learn just how much you can recover for your losses.

Slip and Fall Accidents are Common

There are a lot of ways that slip and fall accidents may occur. A grocery store owner may fail to clean up a liquid spill on the floor. Any business owner might use wax or other cleaning products that are too slippery and cause patrons to fall. You might fall because of a broken step or a missing handrail. You might trip because products are too close together on the floor of a department store.

A business owner has a duty to take care of their property for the good of the patrons who come to the property to do business. It’s their legal duty to take reasonable steps for the safety of others. The business owner can breach that duty by having an unsafe condition on their property. When you’re hurt as a result, you have a legal claim for compensation for your damages.

What Can I Recover?

We often talk to clients who assume that they can only recover for their direct, out-of-pocket losses after a slip and fall in Sarasota. They assume that they’re limited to asking for payment for their emergency room bills. In most cases, that grossly understates the value of their claim. We think it’s important to help each client value their claim to the fullest extent of the law. Your legal claim after a Sarasota slip and fall may include any of these costs:

  • Emergency room care
  • Ambulance expenses
  • Urgent care
  • Casts and pins
  • Mobility assistance devices
  • Diagnostic testing like x-rays and blood work
  • Pay for missed work
  • Pay for a thwarted career path
  • Reimbursement for traveling for medical care
  • Help caring for dependents if you’re unable
  • Help taking care of your home if you’re unable
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Counseling and other mental health care
  • Compensation for emotional distress

We invite you to meet with us to determine the value of your claim. We can help you evaluate each category of damages and assist you in getting the necessary documentation to prove your case.

The Services we Provide as Sarasota Slip and Fall Attorneys

You might wonder what services a slip and fall attorney in Sarasota can provide for their clients. We offer complete and comprehensive legal services aimed at empowering victims to find justice in the legal system. From the day you hire us to represent you, we begin preparing your case. Some of the services that we provide for clients include:

  • Investigation of the case
  • Contacting witnesses
  • Gathering evidence through informal and formal requests
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Filing your claim in the appropriate court
  • Serving legal documents on the other party
  • Filing court motions and developing legal theories and arguments
  • Arguing to the court at all court hearings
  • Negotiating with the other side for a settlement
  • Drafting judgments and other court orders
  • Taking the case to trial and presenting it to the jury
  • Collecting your judgment on your behalf

We’re There When You Need Us

Are you hurt because of a slip and fall? We invite you to contact our Sarasota slip and fall attorneys for a free meeting to discuss your case. By meeting with our team of lawyers in Sarasota, you can have the peace of mind to know the value of your claim and how to pursue compensation through the legal system. It’s completely free to talk to our team. That’s how much we care about helping injured slip and fall victims. Call us today to immediately speak to a member of our team.

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