When you’re the victim of a truck accident, the experts at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys can help you fight for your rights and rebuild your life. Our Sarasota truck accident attorneys know what it takes to represent your interests after an accident. An unexpected truck accident can be a frightening experience. You have medical bills, emotional distress, and you may be unable to work. We are here to help.

You May Be Able to Recover From a Truck Driver or Their Employer

Florida law allows truck accident victims to seek financial recovery in many circumstances. If someone hurts you because of their poor driving, they should be the one that pays for the damages that result. To make your claim for recovery, you must bring a lawsuit that demands compensation. We have decades of experience doing just that for deserving truck accident victims just like you.

How We Represent Truck Accident Victims

We believe that you’re more than a case number. It’s our goal to help you pursue every aspect of your claim and your recovery from start to finish. We work with people, not cases.

Our team starts by learning everything that we can about you and about how the truck accident occurred. We ask lots of questions as we gather the details. We welcome inquiries from you, too. Together, we create a plan to build the evidence and pursue your case.

We have the experience and technical skill to carefully prepare your case documents. Our team also reaches out to the medical experts and accident technicians that can help us prove every element of the case. If the other side wants to talk about offering you a settlement, we’re skilled negotiators.

Ultimately, you make the decisions about whether to accept a settlement offer or take your case to trial. But we give you the resources to make an informed decision. Every step along the way, we help you understand the legal process. You’re an active participant as we work together on your behalf.

Special Rules in Truck Accident Cases

Truck drivers have special rules on the road. All truck drivers have to have a special, commercial driver’s license to operate lawfully. They have higher standards for drunk driving offenses. Also, truck drivers must drive carefully on the road for the safety of others. At all times, they must drive like a reasonable and careful truck driver would drive in the same situation.

Truck drivers in Florida often carry much more than Florida’s minimum insurance requirements. If you’re the victim of a truck accident in Sarasota, that can mean there’s insurance available to cover your expenses. If you suffer serious injuries because of the negligence of a truck driver, there’s a good chance you can recover for a wide variety of damages that include pain and suffering.

Do My Injuries Qualify for Recovery After a Truck Accident?

In Florida, you can seek financial recovery when you have severe or permanent injuries because of a truck accident. You shouldn’t assume that your injuries don’t qualify. Anytime you have injuries that result in a significant loss of a bodily function, permanent injury, scarring or disfigurement, you may be eligible to seek full recovery from the responsible driver.

Because trucks are so large compared to other vehicles on the road, they can cause a great deal of damage even when they travel at low speeds. What might seem like an accident to you might actually be negligence under Florida law. Our Sarasota lawyers for truck accidents are happy to meet with you to help you value your claim.

Determining Fault

It’s okay if you don’t have all of the facts right now. One of the ways our attorneys advocate for our clients is by helping them prove how the accident occurred. We look at photos of the crash scene, where vehicles come to rest on the road, and where damage occurs on the vehicles. Witnesses can provide valuable insight. Finally, we work with experts who can explain the evidence to the jury.

You May Be Able to Recover From a Truck Driver or Their Employer

When we evaluate your truck driving accident case, we look at the truck driver as well as their employer. There are several different ways that the employer may be liable for your damages in addition to the individual truck driver.

For example, the employer may have required the driver to continue driving without adequate sleep. They may have failed to perform a background check on the driver or failed to terminate the driver for prior instances poor driving. In some cases, the employer may be liable for the damages simply because of the employer-employee relationship.

What to Do If You’re in a Truck Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, it’s important to seek medical attention right away. An evaluation from a medical professional establishes the link between the accident and your injuries. It can also document the full extent of your injuries.

If you’re able to take photos of the accident scene, they can be valuable. If you’re too injured to take pictures, don’t worry, your medical care is the first priority. We can gather accident reports and work with expert witnesses to determine how the crash occurred.

The sooner you can work with experienced counsel, the better. We can help you ensure that you identify and value all of the categories of damages that you may qualify to recover. We can also begin to gather the evidence you need to build a strong claim. There are time limits that you should be aware of. Our Sarasota truck accident attorneys are ready to get started right away.

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