Florida Car Accident Statistics

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Florida car accident statistics can tell us a lot about motor vehicle traffic in the State of Florida. In fact, Florida has one of the highest accident rates in the United States. Florida accident statistics can help remind all drivers to stay safe on the roads.

When you’re the victim of a traffic accident, you may have the right to financial compensation. Here’s what you should know about Florida car accident statistics from our Tampa car accident attorneys.

How Many Traffic Accidents Occur Each Year in Florida?

About 400,000 traffic accidents occur each year in Florida. In fact, in 2018, there were 401,851 total car accidents reported in the State of Florida [1]. As the state’s population grows, the number of accidents in the state each year increases, too. Less than one percent of traffic accidents that occur each year in Florida are fatal.

What Percent of Drivers Get in an Accident in Florida?

About five percent of drivers get in an accident each year in Florida. There are about 15 million licensed drivers in the State of Florida. In any given year, there are about 401,851 total car accidents reported in Florida. If most car accidents involve two drivers, the odds of being in a crash in any given year are about five percent.

Florida Car Accident Statistics 2018

Florida car accident statistics 2018 include the following:

  • 401,851 total car accidents in the State of Florida
  • 3,150 fatalities in car accidents throughout the state
  • 254,484 total injuries from car accidents in 2018
  • 6,568 bicycle crashes causing 148 fatalities
  • 8,706 motorcycle accidents that resulted in 148 deaths
  • 9,307 crashes involving pedestrians

Florida Car Accident Statistics 2017

Florida car accident statistics 2017 show 391,782 crashes in the State of Florida in 2017. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, of the 391,782 accidents in Florida each year, 45,620 of the crashes resulted in an injury.

Approximately 28 percent of accidents in the state results in an injury. In 2017, 9,129 accidents in the state involved pedestrians. Another 6,500 accidents involved bicycles.

Florida Traffic Fatalities

There are more than 3,000 traffic fatalities each year in the State of Florida. In fact, there were 3,150 traffic deaths in Florida in the year 2018. That number is higher than the number of deaths in 2017. Less than one percent of all traffic crashes in the State of Florida result in a fatality.

Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Statistics

Hillsborough County traffic accident statistics:

  • 29,037 accident crashes in 2018
  • 179 total traffic-related fatalities in the year
  • 519 bicycle accidents that resulted in 10 fatalities
  • 628 motorcycle accidents in 2018 including 29 deaths in Hillsborough County
  • 625 pedestrian crashes that lead to 54 deaths

Are Accident Reports Public Record in Florida?

Yes, accident reports are public record in Florida. After 60 days, anyone can get a copy of a police report even if they are not involved in the accident. Within 60 days of the crash, only interested parties and parties with a permissible purpose may access an accident report. However, in general, accident reports are public record in Florida.

Your Rights After a Florida Car Accident

Ultimately, the only car accident that matters is your own. Being the victim of a car accident can be a frightening experience. In the State of Florida, there are federal, state, and local laws that may apply to your car accident. However, most traffic laws come from the State of Florida or from local sources.

Criminal Law for Car Accidents in Florida

Just like there are both state and local laws that may apply to car accidents, there are both civil and criminal laws that may apply to a car accident. For example, if one of the drivers is intoxicated, they may be charged with drunk driving. Other criminal charges that may result from a Florida car accident are reckless driving, manslaughter, and even driver’s license violations. In addition, a driver may receive a traffic ticket that results in a fine and license sanctions.

Criminal charges are brought by a representative from the state. It’s up to the state representative to decide whether to file charges. While limited restitution may be available, the purpose of a criminal proceeding is not to compensate the victim for damages. For the victim to receive complete damages, they must bring a civil claim for compensation.

Civil Law for Car Accidents in Florida

In addition to criminal law applying to Florida car accidents, civil law applies to Florida car accidents as well. A central purpose of civil law is to ensure that car accident victims are fairly compensated. The car accident victim is the person who initiates the civil case. They take action to hold the person responsible for the accident accountable. Ultimately, a car accident civil claim allows the victim to receive the compensation that they deserve.

In the State of Florida, you may bring a third-party claim for compensation if you meet the Florida serious injury threshold after a car accident. Even a broken bone or a scar may be enough to meet this threshold. If you qualify to bring a claim, the other side may owe you compensation for pain and suffering as well as compensation for a range of financial losses. Most motorists carry liability insurance that allows them to pay damages in the event of a car accident claim. You have the right to assistance from a licensed Florida car accident attorney to bring your case on your behalf.

Attorneys for Florida Car Accidents

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may deserve financial compensation. Our attorneys for Florida car accidents believe that every victim needs justice. When we represent you, you have a full team of legal professionals devoted to your success. It’s our goal to ensure that every client receives a check that fully represents their losses and damages.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, don’t leave it to chance. Talk with our Florida car accident attorneys about the ways that you can seek justice and win a financial recovery. Call us today for a free consultation.


[1] Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Crash and Citation Reports & Statistics.

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