Can I Sue If I Became Sick on a Cruise Line?

If you get sick on a cruise, your dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. We’ve all read the stories about cruise ship passengers suffering from serious illnesses. Stories of illnesses like food poisoning, norovirus, Legionnaires’ disease, and other illnesses are all too common among cruise ship passengers. If you become a victim of … Continued

10 Most Common Types of Workers’ Comp Claims

When you’re hurt because of your employment, you might wonder if the injury qualifies for workers’ compensation. Florida’s workers’ compensation program provides payments to workers who are injured on the job. While some workers’ compensation injuries may seem obvious, like a fall from an elevated surface, other claims are subtle like overuse and stress-related injuries. … Continued

How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

When you’re hurt in a personal injury accident, you may know that you need to file insurance claims and bring a personal injury claim to get compensation. You expect that there’s going to be at least some wait until you have a check in your hands. But how long does a personal lawsuit take? How … Continued

Defamation of Character in the Workplace?

Your career is built on your reputation. Today, with online reviews and information at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to offer an opinion and share facts about a person or a workplace. Information sharing can quickly become problematic when someone says something defamatory about you that hurts your career. One defamatory statement can keep … Continued