Florida Drone Laws

Florida drone laws regulate licensing and the use of drones in the State of Florida. All federal drone laws apply in the State of Florida. There are also state laws and even some local laws that apply to drone use in the state. The lawyers at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys explain Florida’s drone laws. Florida … Continued

Florida Gun Laws

Florida gun laws cover a range of topics, including purchasing restrictions, concealed carry, and criminal offenses that involve firearms. Any person who owns or uses a gun in the State of Florida should be aware of these laws. Our Tampa criminal attorneys explain Florida gun laws. Florida Concealed Carry Laws Florida concealed carry laws are … Continued

Common Workers’ Compensation Myths

When it comes to workers’ compensation, there are a lot of myths out there. In fact, you may have swapped stories with coworkers and heard about some experiences with the workers’ compensation system. All workers benefit from knowing the truth about the workers’ compensation system. Here are some common workers’ compensation myths answered from our … Continued

Florida Theme Park Injuries

There are more than 30 amusement parks in the State of Florida. Most trips to the amusement park result in only memories and sunburns. But in a few cases, a trip to the theme park results in a serious injury. What are your rights when you suffer a theme park injury? Here’s what you need … Continued

What is Discovery in a Florida Personal Injury Case?

Discovery in a Florida personal injury case is the opportunity for both sides to investigate and gather evidence. It’s a formal court procedure that allows each party and their Tampa personal injury lawyers to demand evidence using the powers of the court. The purpose of discovery is to narrow the issues in the case and … Continued