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Personal Injury


What Should I Do After a Boating Accident in Tampa?

Posted by: Jack G. Bernstein, ESQ.

When you head out for a day in the sun, you don’t expect a boating accident to occur. Unfortunately, the Tampa area has a high rate of boating accidents. If you’re a victim of an accident on a boat in Tampa, you need to know what to do.  How you respond after a boating accident …...


You may have heard that the government has immunity against lawsuits. However, federal laws allow victims of negligence to pursue financial recovery. When an accident involves a federal government employee, the victim may claim compensation. There are different rules for bringing a case involving th...


When an accident occurs on the job, the worker’s compensation system is there to protect you. However, accidents aren’t always the employer’s fault. Sometimes, a third party can be responsible for causing the accident. How do you assert your legal rights? Our Tampa worker’s c...


Does COVID-19 Constitute a Personal Injury Claim?

Posted by: Jack G. Bernstein, ESQ.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has devastated the United States. Americans are reeling from the physical and economic suffering related to the virus. Contracting the virus may mean a long road ahead for medical care and pain and suffering. As victims struggle to fight the virus, they may wonder a...


How Do Contingency Fees Work?

Posted by: Jack G. Bernstein, ESQ.

How contingency fees work is an important part of any personal injury case. With a contingency fee, your attorney works on your behalf to win you the compensation that you deserve. You don’t pay any money upfront for their services. Then, the attorney accepts a portion of the settlement as their f...

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