What is Discovery in a Florida Personal Injury Case?

Discovery in a Florida personal injury case is the opportunity for both sides to investigate and gather evidence. It’s a formal court procedure that allows each party and their Tampa personal injury lawyers to demand evidence using the powers of the court. The purpose of discovery is to narrow the issues in the case and … Continued

Working With a Florida Products Liability Lawyer

When you’re hurt because of a defective product, it’s important to know what to expect from the claims process. How you proceed with your legal claim can have a significant impact on what you ultimately recover for your losses. One of the important aspects of any products liability case is working effectively with your products … Continued

Liability for Scooter Accidents in Tampa, Florida

Until now, Tampa has managed to avoid the electric scooter craze that has caused accidents and controversy in streets throughout the United States. But that’s about to change in April 2019, as Tampa city officials jump into a pilot program that could put as many as 1,800 scooters on the streets. Tampa officials say they … Continued

Can I Sue If I Became Sick on a Cruise Line?

If you get sick on a cruise, your dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. We’ve all read the stories about cruise ship passengers suffering from serious illnesses. Stories of illnesses like food poisoning, norovirus, Legionnaires’ disease, and other illnesses are all too common among cruise ship passengers. If you become a victim of … Continued