Common Halloween Accidents and How to Prevent Them

There’s much fun to be had on Halloween. Dressing up in costumes, carving pumpkins, and trick-or-treating with the kids might be on your list for the evening. Perhaps you’re attending a spooky Halloween costume party to celebrate Halloween night. While there is so much to see and experience on Halloween night, it is also a significant holiday for accidents and injuries. Staying safe is just as important as having fun on Halloween night. Follow along below for a list of the most common Halloween accidents as well as steps to avoid them. 

What are the most common accidents on Halloween?

Family carving pumpkins with costumes on

Pumpkin Carving

Whether it comes as a surprise or not, cuts from pumpkin carving tools are one of the most common types of injuries on Halloween. A fun activity for you and your friends or family could become a trip to the emergency room if you do not exercise caution when carving your Halloween pumpkin. Always be cautious when carving a pumpkin, and use the proper tools. A study determined that using tools specifically designed for pumpkin carving is generally safer than household tools such as kitchen knives.

Falls and Slips 

You never know where you might end up on a bustling Halloween night. However, you do not want to end up on the ground with a foot or ankle injury. Falls and slips are other prevalent injuries sustained on Halloween nights. A fall or slip accident on Halloween could come from any of the following situations:

  • Wearing long, draping Halloween costumes can make it easy to slip and trip.
  • Tripping over Halloween lawn decorations.
  • Walking on uneven grass, dirt, or pavement.
  • A mask or costume that impairs your vision makes you more susceptible to slipping or falling.

Flammable Objects

Dressing up in wild and scary costumes is one of the most exciting pastimes celebrating Halloween. However, not all costumes and accessories are created equal. Opt for flame-resistant wigs, beards, and fabrics when picking out your costumes and accessories.

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are the most prolific and, usually, the most life-threatening accident that occurs on Halloween nights. Pedestrians are 50% more likely to die on Halloween than on any other day. Pedestrian accidents are much more rampant on Halloween night than most any other night of the year. While Halloween is a fun holiday for the family, others always celebrate Halloween by drinking and dancing the night away in costume. Whenever parties and holidays are involved, the risk of being involved in an automotive or pedestrian accident increases. 

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How to avoid common accidents on Halloween

Electric scooter lying on the asphalt in a puddle with yellow autumn leaves

With all of the scary and exciting happenings on Halloween night, it’s no surprise that accidents on Halloween are common. Be sure to adhere to the following advice to ensure that your night is frighteningly fun and to safely avoid common Halloween accidents.

Be Wary of Cars and Vehicles

Children are roughly four times more likely to be involved in Halloween car accidents on Halloween night. On top of that harrowing fact, young adults and adults are at a much higher risk of being involved in Halloween pedestrian accidents. To avoid the risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident, look both ways and listen for cars before crossing a road. It would be best never to cross a street unless you are at a designated crosswalk or intersection. Crossing at designated crosswalks and intersections will reduce the likelihood of a pedestrian accident.

Stay Visible

The likelihood of car-related pedestrian accidents skyrockets once the sun sets and a driver’s visibility is limited. Use reflective tape on your clothing or costume to ensure you are adequately visible. Additionally, use glow sticks or another form of lighting to be easily seen in the dark.

Choose Safe Costumes

Picking out an exciting costume can be much fun. However, you’ll want to ensure that your outfit is functional as well as thrilling. Choosing a flame-resistant and trip-resistant costume will provide a safe and fun experience on Halloween night.

Stay on Designated Walkways

Slip and fall accidents are widespread on Halloween, which is usually due to walking around at night and in unfamiliar areas. Try to keep to well-lit, even, and accessible walkways when trick-or-treating or walking around town. Staying in illuminated spaces will increase your visibility to drivers and help you avoid uneven walkways, ledges, holes, or other tripping hazards.

What to do if I am involved in a Halloween-related accident?

Making safe plans and utilizing caution while celebrating Halloween is in every person’s best interest. Unfortunately, accidents can happen despite thorough preparation and planning. Others can make poor choices as well, leading to accidents and injuries. If you are involved in an accident or have sustained an injury on Halloween night, you may have options to recover current or future financial losses. Finding and speaking with a trusted injury attorney will uncover everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have about your situation.

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