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Unfortunately, car accidents are increasingly common in the United States, regardless of the specific cause of the accident. Florida residents should be aware, however, that Florida ranks among the highest states in the country for most motor vehicle accidents on an annual basis.

When looking at the total number of car accident deaths alone, Florida ranks as the third most deadly state in the nation, with only Texas and California recording more than Florida’s 3,738 car accident fatalities.

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Sarasota County Car Accident Stats

As indicated above, Florida ranks as one of the most dangerous states for automobile operators. In 2022, there were 381,156 total accidents across the state. Unsurprisingly, given the high population and high traffic volumes, Miami is the state’s most dangerous city for motor vehicle accidents. Jacksonville follows, and Tampa comes in closely behind with a recorded 16,989 car accidents in 2021.

Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Venice

While there are plenty of dangerous roads to be aware of in Venice, Florida, the most notable and dangerous roadway is considered to be the roundabout located at Jacaranda Boulevard and Venice Avenue within Sarasota County. Many locals have learned to find alternative routes to avoid this increasingly hazardous road.

If you or a loved one have been injured along this roundabout, be sure to contact an experienced car accident attorney right away to recover any damages you may have incurred.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

There are plenty of causes of car accidents; however, some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving
  • Driver error
  • Driver fatigue
  • Weather
  • Vehicle defects
  • Reckless driving

Where To Get a Copy of the Police Report in Venice

If you’re looking to obtain a copy of a police report in Venice, Florida, there are two places you should look to first:

  • Venice Police Department
  • Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

By contacting these offices, you will be able to obtain a copy of your police report to review with a local car accident attorney. This report will provide essential evidence for your claim, especially when determining which party should be held liable for the incident in question.

Be sure to discuss how to properly go about obtaining these reports with the office you call, as they may have a specific process you should follow in order to get access to the records you are seeking.

Florida No-Fault Car Accident Insurance Laws and How They Affect You

No-fault states require victims of motor vehicle accidents to file insurance claims with their insurance company, regardless of which party caused the accident. Florida is a no-fault state, meaning residents must comply with the state’s car insurance requirements.

Despite Florida being a no-fault state, in civil lawsuits, drivers can share fault in situations where more than one driver can be deemed responsible. A thorough investigation can reveal factors that aren’t evident at the scene. This means that, even if you believe the accident was your fault, you should not accept blame as the liability may also be shifted to another driver. Our experienced car accident attorneys are eager to ensure you understand the complexities that come along with the no-fault system.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After an Accident in Venice

Your car accident attorney will investigate your accident, and when appropriate, they’ll talk to witnesses and retrieve video footage and subpoena records. Your attorney will file all legal paperwork before the statute of limitations expires, ensuring your case is brought in a timely manner. Your attorney will also handle negotiations with the insurance companies to get you a fair settlement. Should negotiations be unsuccessful, your attorney will represent you in court and present your case.

Furthermore, an experienced car accident lawyer will help calculate the amount of damages to seek, ensuring you receive all the compensation you deserve. Skilled attorneys can get victims higher sums because they have a thorough understanding of the law and trial precedents that can be used in their client’s favor.

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If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you understand the stress and frustration that can accompany handling the aftermath. If you sustained serious injuries because of another driver’s negligence, you might not know what rights you have or understand the legal system.

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Working with our experienced Venice, Florida, car accident lawyers can help you navigate Venice’s auto insurance, motor vehicle, and personal injury laws. Our Venice car accident lawyers are ready to begin working on your case right away. We can guide you to the right medical experts and work to file your legal claim to beat any deadlines. At each stage in the lawsuit, we apply our training and experience to ensure you reach the best possible outcome under Florida’s legal system and are awarded the proper compensation you deserve.


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