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When you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, you have rights. As St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorneys, we know the path to a fair recovery after a motorcycle accident in Florida. We can help you fight for your rights and pursue compensation after an accident.

Being the victim of a motorcycle accident can throw your life into disarray. Things you used to take for granted may be suddenly difficult or impossible. You may have bills piling up with no way to pay them. At Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys we believe that you have the right to fair compensation when you’re hurt riding your bike. We put our passion to work for you to help you find relief and rebuild your life.

What Rights Do Motorcycle Drivers Have?

Too often, drivers aren’t careful enough when it comes to motorcyclists on the road. Bikers have the same rights to use the road as all other Florida drivers. The same legal standards apply to motorcycle accident cases that apply to all other accident cases in Florida.

What Are the Legal Standards in Motorcycle Accident Cases?

Florida law requires all drivers to exercise caution on the roads. When drivers are careless on the roads, they may be legally liable when someone gets seriously hurt. Here are the things that you need to prove to win your motorcycle accident claim in St. Petersburg:

Duty: You must show that the other driver has a duty to drive with care and caution. All drivers have a responsibility to be careful on the roads, so this is easy to prove in most motorcycle cases.

Breach of duty: The other driver must fail to act carefully and cautiously. The standard is based on what a reasonable person would do in the same situation. It’s generally unreasonable to break traffic rules like speeding or failing to obey a traffic signal.

Causation: The driver’s breach of the duty of care must be what causes your injuries. For example, if a vehicle driver fails to yield the right of way and hits your bike; as a result, their carelessness is the cause of your injuries.

Damages: You must show how you suffered a loss because of the accident. That means you must have physical injuries or property damage. Once you can show a loss, you can seek compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering and mental injuries in addition to compensation for your physical losses.

Serious injury: Florida law allows drivers to recover for injuries that fall into a number of categories. For example, the injury may be a severe impairment of a major bodily function like the ability to walk. It may be a permanent injury, or it may be an injury that causes disfigurement or scarring. If you’re not sure whether your injury qualifies, you should meet with our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys to discuss your claim.

How We Fight for You

Our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorneys know that being great attorneys is about more than just drafting legal documents. We’re passionate about the work that we do to help people. Our team puts our energy into the case at every stage. We identify what steps you need to take to prove your claim to the fullest extent of Florida law. Then, we put our plan into action as we prepare your case.

It’s important to contact us as soon as possible because we go to work right away. It’s important not to wait because losing time can mean losing evidence. We need to identify witnesses as soon as possible. It’s also critical to examine the physical evidence as soon as we can after your accident.

Proving Your Case

Part of building your claim involves fully valuing your damages. Some of your injuries are economic like medical bills and the lost ability to work. We can help you make sure that you don’t overlook any categories of financial losses that you should include in your claim.

You might need years to recover. We can work with experts who can explain your long-term medical needs to the jury. You may have mental injuries that require treatment and compensation. We work to build the evidence so that the jury can understand how we arrived at the amount we’re asking for in recovery for you.

What If I Might Be Partly to Blame?

Even if you think you might be partly to blame for the accident, you should talk with a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident attorney about your case. What you think might be your fault might not be legal fault under Florida law. Also, even if you’re partially to blame, you may still be able to recover a share of your damages.

Florida uses a system called comparative negligence. That means you can recover for a portion of your damages even if you contributed to the accident. The amount that you received might be reduced, but you may still be able to recover significant amounts that can help you rebuild your life.

It’s important not to assume that you share legal fault for the accident. We invite you to meet with our team to discuss your case. We can provide you with an honest evaluation so that you can appreciate the strength and weakness of your case and how comparative negligence may impact your claim.

What About Attorney Fees?

You might be thinking that you can’t afford an attorney. We never charge a fee unless we win your case. That’s how serious we are about helping good people after motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg. Let us explain how our fee system works so that you can have the confidence to know that you can afford our services, and there’s no cost to you until you have a check in your hands.

Work With the Team at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys

Are you suffering because of a motorcycle accident? Would you like compensation but you don’t know where to start? Do you need an ally and an advocate to represent your interests?

That’s what we do at Jack Bernstein, Injury Attorneys. We’re the compassionate and aggressive motorcycle accident attorneys that fight for your rights when you need us. To us, every client is an opportunity to make a difference. Let us show you what sets us apart. For a free, no-obligation consultation with our legal team, call us today.

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