Workers’ Compensation


When an accident occurs on the job, the worker’s compensation system is there to protect you. However, accidents aren’t always the employer’s fault. Sometimes, a third party can be responsible for causing the accident. How do you assert your legal rights? Our Tampa worker’s c...


During the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. However, there are also millions of Americans who are putting their lives on the line. Whether you work in healthcare, you’re a first responder or you work at a grocery store, frontline...


Getting Workers’ Compensation for a Knee Injury

Posted by: Jack G. Bernstein, ESQ.

Getting compensation for a knee injury is critically important if you have a work-related injury. Knee injuries are often serious. Proper treatment may require surgery and significant time off work. All of it can leave you wondering how you’re going to provide for yourself and your family. Our Tam...


How Long Does a Workers’ Comp Case Take to Settle?

Posted by: Jack G. Bernstein, ESQ.

When you’re injured at work, it can create havoc in your life. In addition to suffering from painful injuries, you may be unable to work. When you have a workers’ compensation case, the payments that you receive may be a welcome relief for you and your family. But you need to know when you can &...

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